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Doug Aldrich with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Doug Aldrich is one of the most respected guitar players in the world. He's done hundreds and hundreds of sessions aside from his monumental work with Dio and Whitesnake. In this conversation, Doug talks about the work he's done throughout his career as well as his latest release with Revolution Saints called Light In The Dark

Jon Anderson
Known around the world as the voice of progressive rock legends Yes, Jon Anderson talks about his latest solo CD, Survival and Other Stories, what's on his iPod, and cut-out cows. Make sure to read this personal conversation with one of the true legends of rock.

Ian Anderson
The legendary Jethro Tull frontman takes time to talk about his worldly travels, making records, writing a book, and his investment in the Holy Grail.

Frankie Banali with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Quiet Riot drumming legend Frankie Banali talks to Dr. Music about life, some of his loves, and his band's latest release One Night In Milan. Listen to Frankie deliver a no bull, upfront interview that defines him as one of the true survivors of rock and roll.
Veteran jazz fusion bassist Jeff Berlin gives it to you straight. Find out the truth behind his audition with Van Halen, his signature bass from Dean, and what's on the horizon for this jazz master.

Graham Bonnet  EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
In this conversation, the legendary vocalist for bands like Rainbow, The Michael Schenker Group, and Alcatrazz talks about his entire career. Stories of a young Yngwie Malmsteen meltdown, partnered with his take on the recording process and touring, makes this an interview you won't want to miss!

Don Brewer
Don Brewer, longtime drummer for Grand Funk Railroad, talks about his band's legendary Shea Stadium gig, his time with Frank Zappa, the fact that he's a favorite of Homer Simpson, & much much more!
With the exclusive Dr. Music audio, listen to the writer and singer of "We're An American Band" as he tells some great stories from his famed career.

Deen Castronovo 
Journey drummer Deen Castronovo talks about his latest supergroup, Revolution Saints, and his feelings about stepping into the frontman role. See what Castronovo had to say about his favorite songs on the record, and which moment in his career shines the brightest.

Cherie Currie  
The former lead singer of The Runaways that helped change the world for the female rocker talks to Dr. Music about her first solo album in more than 35 years, Runaways manager Kim Fowley, her biggest regret(s), and her passion for chainsaw carving.
Michael Des Barres
The musician, the actor, the husband of famed groupie Pamela Des Barres... No matter how you might be familiar with Michael Des Barres, there is no doubt that he has had a storied and legendary career. Des Barres talks about his latest album, The Key To The Universe, as well as some of the highlights of his acting and music careers.

Ronnie Dunn
Brooks & Dunn took Country music by storm, setting records and selling records. Ronnie Dunn's booming voice and songwriting genius had a lot to do with that success. I talked to Ronnie just before he was set to headline the Rockin' For The Troops event on July 20, 2013 in Wheaton, IL. Among other things, we discussed songwriting, success, and performing without Brooks.

Keith Emerson with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
The legendary keyboard wizard that helped shape the genre of progressive rock with his work as part of Emerson, Lake & Palmer talks with Dr. Music about everything from his early ELP days to his latest release with Greg Lake, Live At Manticore Hall. (A review of Live At Manticore Hall is also included!)

Graham Ferguson
This interview with Graham Ferguson, winner of the "Anthrax Killer Demo" contest, was done shortly after he performed on stage with the band. Find out more about this "one man band" and what it was like to jam with Anthrax, his likes and dislikes, and what his plans for the future are.

Lita Ford with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
My conversation with Lita Ford took place on the campus of North Central College in Naperville, Illinois in front of a small crowd that showed up for a signing of Lita's book, Living Like A Runaway. We talk about the book, her life in The Runaways, and a whole lot in between there. Turn up the sound and switch to a high resolution on this horribly recorded video and you won't be disappointed with the content! 

Moriah Formica  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!

In this interview with the 15-year old Latham, NY powerhouse, Moriah talks about her debut EP
Bring It On!, her songwriting technique, her education, and what her next steps will be on her journey toward rock stardom.
Johnny Gioeli  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Dr. Music talks with the Hardline, Crush 40, and Axel Rudi Pell frontman about his longevity in the music business, his thoughts about music streaming service Spotify, and what he might say to a Bon Jovi job offer.

Lawrence Gowan  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
The longtime Styx singer/keyboardist talks to Dr. Music about the latest Styx release, The Mission. This comfortable conversation also includes talk about a new solo record, Gowan's love for metal music, and what he might say if Brian May of Queen was to call on him.

Lawrence Gowan #2  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
In this conversation, Lawrence Gowan talks about his continuing journey with Styx and what lies ahead for the band. He also talks about the special day that he considers to be the pinnacle of his time with the band.

Don Jamieson  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
The comedian and co-host of VH1 Classic's That Metal Show talks to Dr. Music about all things hard rock and heavy metal!

Deanna Johnston with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
As one of the contestants on the RockStar INXS television program, she impressed millions with her strong, husky voice. In this interview from July 2008, Deanna Johnston talks about her latest CD, performing on television, and singing for troops in Afghanistan.
There is also audio of Deanna performing exclusively for Dr. Music readers!!

KC of KC & The Sunshine Band  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Dr. Music talks with the disco legend about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, his upcoming double album, and Ashton Kutcher. And, with the exclusive audio stream, you can hear it straight from the disco legend himself!

Bobby Kimball  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
The legendary Ex-Toto singer discusses his latest record, We're Not In Kansas Anymore, along with many other facets of his storied career. Hear Kimball talk about a movie he is planning, and the childhood friend that inspired it. You will also hear him tell the story of when he met his musical hero, Ray Charles. Don't miss this intimate conversation with a singing legend!

Bruce Kulick
The KISS veteran and Grand Funk Railroad guitarist talks to Dr. Music about his latest release, KKB, and almost every facet of his career since he began playing. Does he still speak with former bandmate Michael Bolton? Would he have put on the makeup for the KISS gig? Did he really play with disco group Andrea True Connection?! Click on his name above and find out now!!

Greg Lake
The former King Crimson frontman and vital member of Emerson, Lake and Palmer talks with Dr. Music about everything from his days in King Crimson to his latest retrospective, Songs Of A Lifetime, and everything in between. Hear Lake tell it in his own words with exclusive audio of the conversation!
Jonny Lang with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
The child prodigy that exploded onto the scene with his Lie To Me record in 1996 chats with Dr. Music about family, his latest album Fight For My Soul, and singing vs. playing guitar. Hear the entire conversation with the embedded audio player! A review of Lang's latest release, Fight For My Soul, is also included. 

Howard Leese #1 with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
In this interview with the longtime guitarist/keyboardist for Heart, Howard Leese discusses his days with Ann & Nancy Wilson, his family, his current gig as musical director and guitarist with The Paul Rodgers Band, and much more.
Click on the link within the interview and listen to the actual interview in its entirety!!

Howard Leese #2 with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
In this interview with former member of Heart, Howard Leese, he discusses the many facets of his upcoming solo album, "Secret Weapon." Click on the link within the interview and listen to our conversation, in its entirety, as it happened!!
Howard Leese "Secret Weapon" review / interview with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Ex-Heart guitarist Howard Leese released his debut solo CD, "Secret Weapon," on July 8, 2009. This interview took place in Leese's room at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan on July 1, 2009, just hours before a Bad Company gig. We talked about everything from "Secret Weapon" to his role in the Guns 'N' Roses album, "Chinese Democracy"!!! Click on the link to the exclusive audio and hear our conversation from that day - unedited - exactly as it happened.

George Lynch  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
George Lynch, known for his work with L.A. metal band Dokken, is a guitar player that can play anything. In this interview, Lynch talks with Dr. Music about his latest Lynch Mob record, The Brotherhood, as well as the many other projects he's working on. In this exclusive audio interview, hear George talk about his career, his family, his gear, and his dream of building his own home. 

Roger Joseph Manning Jr.   with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Armed with a session list that reads like a Most Legendary Artists of All-Time article, Roger Joseph Manning Jr. is one of the most sought after session musicians in the world. He came to prominence as a founder of pop band Jellyfish, and has been a keyboard player for Beck for more than 20 years. In this interview, Manning talks about his latest solo effort, Glamping, as well as almost every other facet of his illustrious career. 

Frank Marino
Legendary Mahogany Rush guitarist Frank Marino talks about Jimi Hendrix, his love of pop music, his love for his family, the best song he's ever written, and much more.

Van Mclain
The name might not ring a bell but his band, Shooting Star, might get the fire alarm going. With a string of moderately successful hits in the early 80's and over three decades of creating music, Van Mclain explains his passion, his misfortune, and why he's giving away his music.

Dave Mason  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Dr. Music talks with the former Traffic guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer about everything from his songwriting process to his work with Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson.

Henry McCullough with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Fans of Paul McCartney will know Henry McCullough from his work with Wings. And fans of the Woodstock era might remember hearing and seeing Henry playing in Joe Cocker's band. But, no matter where you might know Henry McCullough from, you don't want to miss this interview. Dr. Music staff member Kevin Mikol spoke with McCullough just days before his appearance at Beatles Fest in Chicago on August 5-7, 2011.  

Anne Akiko Meyers "Smile" review / interview
This interview with world renowned violinist Anne Akiko Meyers was done just after the release of her Smile CD. You can read my review of the disc, and then click on the audio link at the end of the review to hear my interview with her in its entirety! Hear Anne talk about some of the preparations she went through for the Smile album, the most memorable moment of her career, and what's on her iPod!

Taylor Momsen
The sexy, sultry and all around badass singer of The Pretty Reckless Taylor talks to Dr. Music just prior to a performance at Chicago's House Of Blues.

Vinnie Moore  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
The guitar virtuoso that filled the shoes of the great Michael Schenker in UFO talks to Dr. Music about UFO's latest album, The Salentino Cuts, his solo career, and much much more. 

Neal Morse  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
In this interview with the prog god that started Spock's Beard, Flying Colors, Transatlantic, and his own The Neal Morse Band, talks about his upcoming release of Snow LIVE with a reunited Spock's Beard. Neal also discusses Flying Colors, and what he might play for someone that's never heard his music.

Jared James Nichols with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
My conversation with Jared James Nichols unveiled a vibrant, raw, and passionate young musician who is poised to take on the world. With a sound influenced by all the great blues artists of yesteryear, and a knowledge of the past that's impressive for any age, Jared James Nichols is an artist on the rise.

Candice Night
The stunning beauty and elegant vocal tone of Candice Night has been a driving force behind the success of Blackmore's Night, the Renaissance Folk band that she fronts with husband/guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore. In this interview, done just before the release of Blackmore's Night's ninth studio album, Candice discusses motherhood, her Russian ancestry, and the songs that define the sound of Blackmore's Night.

Anette Olzon
The former angelic voice of Nightwish talks to Dr. Music about her latest project with former Sonata Arctica guitarist Jani Liimatainen, The Dark Element. Olzon also discusses her time in Nightwish, her dream collaboration, and her future.

Stephen Pearcy  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
The legendary frontman of L.A. metal pioneers Ratt talks to Dr. Music about his latest solo album, Smash, the reunion of Ratt, and just about every other facet of his career.

Ricky Phillips
Former member of The Babys, Ricky Phillips, discusses his time in The Babys and his relationship with frontman John Waite. Phillips also discusses finishing Ronnie Montrose's posthumous release 10x10, his current tour as a veteran member of classic rock legends Styx, and much more!

Shawn Phillips
Singer/Songwriter Shawn Phillips discusses being a part of The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's" album, his work with 60's legend Donovan, being a firefighter, and much much more.

Rachel Barton Pine with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Classical violinist Rachel Barton Pine met with me at WFMT Studios in Chicago to discuss her latest CD release,
 "Beethoven & Clement Violin Concertos," and just about every other facet of her amazing career. This is a woman that started playing with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at 10 years old, played on stage with Plant & Page, and has even carried the Olympic torch. Listen to exclusive audio of Pine discussing these topics, and her love of speed metal!

Mike Portnoy with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Taking place just before the release of the supergroup Sons Of Apollo release, Psychotic Symphony, ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy took time to talk with Dr. Music! He discussed this latest project, some album choices from his favorite influences, and if he would ever accept a gig as the drummer for Rush!

Andy Powell
Wishbone Ash singer/guitarist Andy Powell talks about his family, his guitars, his career, and his relationship with former bandmate, Martin Turner.

logoFor another interview with Andy Powell, you can visit our friends at!!

Andy Powell #2 with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
In this interview with the Wishbone Ash guitarist and frontman, Powell talks about his band's latest release, Blue Horizon, as well as his court battle to keep the Wishbone Ash name. Other topics of discussion included current band members, life on the road, and the possibility of working with super-producer Rick Rubin. (A review of Blue Horizon is also included!)
Jack Russell  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Talking to him just prior to the release of the Jack Russell's Great White album He Saw It Comin', Dr. Music gets the great lead singer of so many Great White classics to discuss his addictions, his family life, his approach to recording, and his plan to write his autobiography. Hear the entire unedited conversation and read a review of the He Saw It Comin' album right here!!

In this candid interview with the drummer for Mannheim Steamroller and Dennis DeYoung (ex-Styx), Sharpe discusses being a part of two high profile touring bands, some of his favorite drummers, and his latest solo effort, Lifting The World. (A review of Lifting The World is included.)

Jake Shimabukuro
Enjoy this interview as I sit down with ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro and talk about everything from Jimmy Buffett to Eddie Van Halen.

Neal Smith  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
The original drummer for the legendary Alice Cooper Band talks about his crazy days of rock decadence with the pioneering band of "shock rock." Listen to Neal Smith tell stories of the road, as well as his old bandmates and his new CD.

Stuart Smith  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
The Heaven & Earth guitarist talks to Dr. Music about the band's latest album, Hard To Kill, and what gear he used to record it.

Jeff Scott Soto with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
The legendary voice of the first two Yngwie Malmsteen albums, the more recent Sons Of Apollo supergroup, and one of the most versatile rock singers of all time, Jeff Scott Soto discusses his storied career. In a conversation while on tour with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Jeff discusses his latest solo release and much of his career leading up to it. 

Michael Sweet  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
In this interview, Stryper frontman discusses the band's latest release, God Damn Evil, and the controversy surrounding the title. Other topics discussed are new bassist Perry Richardson, the possibility of a new memoir, and Michael's ranking of all the Stryper albums!  

Michael Sweet  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
The guitarist/singer of Christian metal legends Stryper talks about his latest solo album, One Sided War, and many other highlights of his long career. 

Matt Thomas  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Parmalee singer/guitarist Matt Thomas talks with Dr. Music about the country band's upcoming release, the rock influence on the band, and his love for playing classic theaters.

Keifer Thompson  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Keifer Thompson, of Grammy-nominated country music duo Thompson Square, talks with Dr. Music about everything from taking infants on tour and writing children's books to recording a third Thompson Square record.

Geoff Tate  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
The original Queensryche singer discusses his latest album with his Operation Mindcrime project, and just about every other facet of his storied career. You can hear Geoff discuss his children, his thoughts on the current culture within the United States, and his opinion of current Queensryche singer Todd La Torre.

Joe Lynn Turner
Rock legend Joe Lynn Turner speaks of his days with Rainbow and Deep Purple, his work in films, and his Madison Square Garden homecoming.

Will Turpin
The 25-year veteran bassist for Collective Soul talks about touring, family life, his band's latest album Blood, and the upcoming 25th anniversary Now's The Time tour.

Michael Wagener

Super-producer Michael Wagener discusses his work with Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Accept, Skid Row, Megadeth, and many others. Wagener has been the mastermind behind numerous 80's hard rock/metal classics, such as: Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" (engineer) and Skid Row's debut.  Read what Wagener had to say about the latest studio technology, as well as what he's working on for the future.

Narada Michael Walden

The man that has produced more than 50 #1 hits, played drums on some of the best recordings in history (Jeff Beck, Mahavishnu Orchestra), and won countless awards, talks to Dr. Music about everything from his proudest moment to his latest project with saxophonist Clarence Clemons. Read the words of this musical genius while you feel his kind, gentle and loving spirit shine through.

Jeff Westlake with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
Hydrogyn guitarist talks to Dr. Music about his band's latest record, Redemption, and how the band has changed with the addition of new singer Erica Parrott. He also discusses his new solo release In The Key Of Blue, as well as his past work with producer Michael Wagener, and his love for all things Ronnie James Dio.

John Wetton
Asia frontman John Wetton discusses the Asia Reunion Tour, the origin of the band name, his work with
King Crimson, and the rest of his illustrious career.

Chuck Wright
Bassist Chuck Wright has been a prolific artist on the hard rock and metal scene for decades. After recording the classic "Metal Health (Bang Your Head)" anthem with Quiet Riot, Wright went on to play with Giuffria, House Of Lords, and numerous others. Wright discusses his ongoing tenure with Quiet Riot and his new chapter with up and coming rockers, Heaven & Earth.

Brandon Yeagley
Crobot singer Brandon Yeagley talks about the brotherhood he shares with the other members of Crobot, his huge funk influence, his thoughts about music streaming services such as Spotify, and much much more!

Chip Z'Nuff
Chicago rock legend Chip Z'Nuff talks about the latest Enuff Z'Nuff album, Clowns Lounge, and where the band looks to go in the future.              

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