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Video of the Week 
"Ulay Oh" - How I Became The Bomb

I know, you've seen this a million times

This great piece of "performance art" has made the rounds on Facebook over and over, and people always seem to find it emotional or fascinating in some way. But, this time I'd like to pose a question.

Would this have the same impact if it had no audio?
What about a different piece of music?

Without the music it may have been labeled silly or boring by a number of people, or perhaps a different song may have given it an even greater impact! Whatever the case, and no matter how you view this, it's hard to deny the power that music has on the way we see and feel the world around us.

Me... I absolutely love Marina Abramovich, and I think How I Became The Bomb did an amazing job with a song that personally defines the vision.


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