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Long Rider - 3 Pairs Of Boots

Long Rider, the new album from San Francisco based band 3 Pairs Of Boots (Andrew Stern & Laura Arias), is the follow up to their 2019 debut album, Gone South.  This new album’s title, as well as the subject matter of many of the songs, was inspired by “Lady Long Rider” by Bernice Ende.  A long rider is someone who travels more than 1,000 continuous miles on a single equestrian journey.  Bernice traveled over 30,000 miles on horseback across the country alone. The reason for her travels was to escape unrequited love.

The first song on Long Rider, “Quittin’ Time,” is the current single from the album. The lyrics describe a one sided relationship full of empty promises, one that is parallel to the relationship which led Long Rider Bernice Ende to head out on a long journey on horseback.  In addition to the lead vocal duties, all of the lush, angelic harmonies on this song and throughout the album were delivered by Laura.  The opening track is a sneak preview of all of the care that was put into layering the vocals and instrumentation on this album.  A video was made for this song to coincide with the release of the album.

After taking in “Quittin’ Time”,  the album continues with “Angels Of The Trail.”  From the beautiful melody played out by Andrew’s finger picking, to Laura’s vocal delivery and chorus harmonies, this song has all the fixings of another hit.  The lyrics tell the story of the all of the wisdom gained and kindness received on a long ride.

Other highlights on Long Rider, include the upbeat “Take A Step” which playfully references having “3 Pairs Of Boots”, as well as “Everywhere I Go,” which will have listeners singing and tapping along.   Another standout track (my personal favorite) is “I Am The Map”, which contains a really creative and unique chord progression and ethereal harmonies supporting Laura’s passionate vocals.  Another great song on Long Rider is “My Best Friend,” a song that describes the relationship between a musician and their guitar.  All of the lyrical references to specific music legends and guitars make this song very memorable and relatable to anyone who hears it. Listeners will find themselves putting this song on repeat just to take in all of the great musical references, let alone the great vocal and guitar delivery.

Long Rider closes with “Roller Coaster” in which Andrew’s many guitar styles come into play, while at the same time highlighting Laura’s impressive vocal range.  Despite the up-tempo feel of this song, its lyrics deliver a very direct and thought provoking message.  This song feels like the perfect way to end this album, as it describes the ultimate demise of a one sided relationship. 

Throughout Long Rider, Andrew’s guitar work is one of the main threads that pull everything together.  In addition to the solid guitar foundation and Laura’s solid vocals, Maren Morris’ drummer and bandleader, Christian Paschall tracked all of the drums on the album remotely from Nashville.  The album mix, which was engineered by Bart Schoudel and Rob Beaton, two of the most respected sound engineers in the business, is perfect!

From start to finish, Long Rider takes its listeners on a very special musical journey. Each song demonstrates carefully crafted lyrics, and a true musical partnership between Laura’s vocals and Andrew’s guitar playing.  3 Pairs Of Boots has successfully put together an album that will leave music fans and performing musicians admiring all the heartfelt emotions and special moments they’ve poured into their latest musical outing. 



On January 15th of 2021, Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol had  the opportunity to conduct a video interview with husband and wife duo Andrew Stern and Laura Arias of the band 3 Pairs Of Boots.  During this interview, Andrew and Laura explain how they met, how they came up with their name, and how their songwriting process works.  They also discuss the inspiration for their new album, Long Rider, which will be released on January 29th.  In addition to discussing their beginnings and their new album, 3 Pairs of Boots talks about their new YouTube cooking series called Cook ‘N’ & Country which combines recipes and live country music performances.  As a very special bonus, 3 Pairs Of Boots performs a total of 4 songs from Long Rider over the course of the interview!

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