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7 Angels: Coming Your Way

Drummer Joshua Seth Eagan and hard rock legend Mark Slaughter discuss their new song, the future of 7 Angels, and their longtime friendship.

The following conversation is one that felt as comfortable as any I've ever had.

There are many pieces that need to fit and flow when talking to someone that you've never spoken with before. First and foremost, you need to talk about the music that has been created, but finding the genuine and unguarded personality behind the person is always so important. In this very special conversation with Joshua Seth Eagan and Mark Slaughter, I found myself flanked by two talented musicians, and two of the most genuine people the world has to offer.

Josh is a veteran session drummer that has focused his sights on a band project called 7 Angels. Being childhood friends with hard rock/hair metal legend Mark Slaughter, Josh enlisted Mark to play on the band's first single, the self-titled "7 Angels."

In the following interview, we discuss the ins and outs of the recording of "7 Angels," how the band intends to release new music, and that time when Mark drove his car through their high school. I decided to leave all the "fat and fringe" on this interview so you could feel the natural energy. I really felt that any edit was going to make for a cute and tidy package, but it was also going to limit the viewer's knowledge of exactly who Josh and Mark are as people, and for me that was so important to show.

So strap in for a loose and fun hang with two incredible musicians, and two great human beings.

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