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Andrew Farriss - Andrew Farriss

Andrew Farriss: Andrew Farriss (Vinyl LP)
After years of writing or co-writing hit after hit for the insanely popular band INXS, singer/songwriter Andrew Farriss released his solo debut album on March 19th 2021, in the Country Music genre.  Some fans may be surprised to hear that after cranking out single after single in the world of Pop music, Andrew wrote a batch of Country songs for this first full length outing as a solo artist.  Upon listening to this album, however, music lovers will come to know that writing in this genre is a perfect fit for him!  Andrew has had many experiences with rural living, agriculture and his interest in the history of the Wild West and outlaw life that have led him to this moment in his songwriting journey.

The album opens with a great instrumental lead-in called “Bounty Hunter” which tugs at the curiosity of the listener in the same way that a trailer might create interest for a full length movie.   “Bounty Hunter” evolves into a vocal song called “Hummingbird”, which is still part of the opening track.  Next up after the opening to the album is a stand out track called “Come Midnight” which had my attention from the first notes of the opening guitar riff.  Be sure to watch the attached interview to learn a couple of interesting facts as to when this track was written and how it came to be a part of this album.

The album continues with a song called “With The Kelly Gang” which details the story of these real life Australian outlaws.  “Where Do You Sleep Tonight” and 3rd single “Run Baby Run” are next on the album and are both up-tempo gems whose melodies and lyrics are addictive!  Other highlights on this album include the song “Good Mamma Bad” which was released as the 2nd single, as well as the song “Drifting” which includes some of my favorite lyrics and vocals on the album.  This very cohesive collection of songs ends with the infectious vocals, harmonies and instrumental blueprint of the song “You Are My Rock”.   This album is best listened to from beginning to end, in its entirety, as Andrew went way out of his way to create the sequencing of the tracks. This is hopefully the first of many solo albums from Andrew Farriss.  A great collection of carefully crafted songs, and rock solid vocals, from one of the most treasured songwriters of our times.         


Andrew Farriss Interview

On April 27, 2021, interviewer Kevin Mikol was presented with the rare opportunity to talk with singer/songwriter and co-founder of the internationally successful band INXS from Australia.  Andrew wrote or co-wrote many of the band’s hits mostly with lead singer Michael Hutchence, but in some cases with other members of the band. Including the #1 US single “Need You Tonight” their catalog contains 10 pop classics that charted in the Top 40 in the US.    During the course of their interview, Andrew discusses the creation of his self-titled solo debut with Kevin, including the process he went through to create videos for singles “Come Midnight”, “Run Baby Run” and “Good Mamma Bad”.  He also talks about how he decided to release a stand-alone EP entitled “Love Makes The World” in late 2020 when the timing didn’t feel right to release his full length album due to the ongoing pandemic.   In addition, Andrew takes the time to discuss how he views the songs that he has written in the past, his current songs, and how he looks to the future with optimism.

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