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Sinister - Appice

The brothers Appice. 
Here’s a combined resumé that is almost incomprehensible. Throwing out names like Jeff Beck, Rick Derringer, Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart, Ted Nugent, Dio, and Black Sabbath would only scratch the surface of what these two brothers have done in their careers. This album is one where we find the brothers interacting within powerful song compositions, and the result is a fun and unique listen.

These songs, many of them similar in style to the bands in the brothers’ past, are pretty solid hard rock tunes. Not all of this stuff is superb or excellently executed, but they all these songs contain something to admire. There is an assortment of veteran singers sharing vocal duties on the tracks. A strong track named “Riot” brings ex-McAuley Schenker Group singer Robin McAuley back into the spotlight, while ex-Quiet Riot and Rough Cutt singer Paul Shortino returns on a few tracks. Shortino handles perhaps the strongest song in the set, “Monsters And Heroes,” which is a wonderful tribute to Ronnie James Dio. The song incorporates lyrical nods to Dio’s classic songs, while having instrumental runs that lean toward some of the legendary singer’s inimitable melodic stylings. Another special moment comes when Carmine takes on vocal duties on a song called “You Got Me Running”. He’s not the strongest vocalist in the bunch, but I thought it was nice to hear him confident and taking ownership of the song. 

The guest list doesn’t just have big name singers on it. We get players like bassist Tony Franklin, guitarists Craig Goldy and Bumblefoot, and many others from bands like Warrant, Bonham, and Bulletboys. As you might expect though, drums are the featured instrument on the record. Songs like “Drum Wars” and “Bros In Drums” aren’t so subtle about putting the brothers in the spotlight with their kits, but songs like “Sinister” and “Killing Floor” highlight the rumbling drum parts while maintaining the integrity of the songs. This makes for a nice, heavy perk for the fan of the drumkit.

My only question is what to call this project? 
With Carmine using the “uh-piece´” pronunciation, and Vinny using “app´-uh-see,” this just might have to be settled in a real life drum war on a stage near you? 

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