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"Let Me Go" - Ashley Barron

“Let Me Go” is the current single from Country Music Singer/Songwriter Ashley Barron.  This stand-alone single is a sneak preview of the great music that is yet to come from Ashley!  “Let Me Go” intertwines the concepts of love and respect in a very unique way.  The idea woven into the lyrics of this song is that two people are able to share so much love, that they can respect each other enough to accept going separate ways at the crossroads of their relationship. 

As “Let Me Go” begins, it sounds as though a relationship is being described that was built on a solid foundation, is still going strong, and has a future (“You once told me you’d do anything and everything for me, baby.  I believe that you love me enough to be a man of your word.”)  As the verse continues, the feeling of needing and wanting someone is also specifically expressed.  What happens next will surprise people who take the time to step beyond the beautiful vocals and melody of the song, and really absorb the lyrics.  The need and want that is previously mentioned sounds ideal (“I need you right now more than you’ll ever know”), but is actually a desire to be set free from the relationship (“So I want you, want you, I need you to Let Me Go”).

The story behind how the imagery for “Let Me Go” came together in a video helps to explain what an important and valued part of Ashley’s career this single is. The first visual that was released for this song was a lyric video.  What was uncharacteristic of this video is that most lyric videos don’t feature film footage of the artist.  Instead, it usually creates a backdrop of pictures or moving images and designs for the lyrics to be presented in front of.  The lyric video for “Let Me Go” actually contains footage of Ashley from beginning to end.  The reason for this is that when this song initially came to be a couple of years ago, she created much of this footage with the intention of it being her music video.  When it wasn’t promoted as she intended it to be by her label partner at the time, she converted it into a lyric video.  Fast forward to November 2020, and a brand new music video has just been released!  The producer of this official music video was Jimmy Lynch of Rascal3 Creative.  As the owner of this high profile production company, Jimmy has worked with Carrie Underwood, Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney, as well as pop music royalty Sir Elton John!  This stunning video has Ashley walking through a house, while reminiscing and sorting through the inner turmoil that often happens when a relationship approaches its final breaths.  This music video is sure to give “Let Me Go” the exposure and recognition it truly deserves!



"Let Me Go" Gets Ashley Barron Off And Running

In this video interview with Dr. Music Associate “Country” Kevin Mikol, Ashley explains how her family’s love for music became the soundtrack of her life. Learn how Ashley worked with a vocal coach (formerly signed to Quincy Jones’ label) that convinced her to record an album; a decision that had her canceling her plans to attend the University of Arizona. This twist of fate allowed her several opportunities that helped her dream become a reality.  Ashley tells many great stories about her exciting career and expresses her hopes for the future.  She discusses her current single, “Let Me Go,” and some of the unexpected turns it took to become front and center in her musical life.  Ashley’s gift of song and genuine passion for music just might help her become the next great success story celebrated by Nashville and Country Music fans around the world.

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