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Asphalt Valentine – Twisted Road

When this one dropped on my desk, it was a band name that I hadn’t been familiar with. Since then, I’ve come to find that Asphalt Valentine has been rockin’ out since 2005. They have toured all over the U.S., playing their brand of raw, groove heavy hard rock.

What you’re going to hear when you start this record up is a hard and heavy rock and roll band. Their sound has elements of bands like Guns N’ Roses, Lynch Mob, and Skid Row with tight rhythm section parts and nice vocal harmonies. Asphalt Valentine is not going to be responsible for reinventing the wheel or creating its own genre of music, and I see that as a pretty nice thing. I know what I’m going to get from this band, and it’s solid hard rock.

The title track is one that should garner some success for the band. It’s a well written rocker that highlights everything that’s great about this band -- excellent players, great groove, nice harmonies, and a chorus hook that sticks like glue. Another track that’s got a great story behind it is “The Only.” It was written when singer Joe Flynt’s friend asked him to write a song as a soundtrack to his solo journey across the Andes Mountains. The song was included over footage of the journey, and it’s a pretty powerful statement. Another cool moment on the record is when the band covers The Faces’ “Ooh La La”. Hearing the guitar riff from “Maggie May” near the end of this track really adds great flavor and integrity to the rest of this set. One of the great things about this album is its ability to take loud guitars and banging drums, and put catchy hooks and harmonies over them without being cheesy. These songs maintain the attitude of a band that has serious drive and hunger and a comfortable level of maturity. The songs never get too raunchy or goofy. I took this band seriously throughout the duration of the record. It never got cringy, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Some of my favorite tracks here are “Twisted Road,” “Something More,” “As The Crow Flies,” and “Shamefully” to name just a few. Honestly though, there isn’t a weak track on the record.



Asphalt Valentine singer Joe Flynt talks about the making of Twisted Road, the inspiration behind the song "The Only," and what record he would pack in the suitcase if he's sent off to that desert island. Because of a global quarantine happening at the time of this interview, internet servers shut down toward the very end of our conversation. So, what you don't hear Joe talk about is what's at the top of his bucket list. He told me that he absolutely has to perform on the Monsters Of Rock cruise. And I must tell you, speaking with this level-headed, ambitious, and talented guy, that dream will come true very soon.

Kick back with your favorite beverage, click the play button on the player below, and listen to Joe talk about
Twisted Road and tell a few stories!

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