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"He's Like A Habit" - Ava Rowland

Ava Rowland released her brand new single “He’s Like A Habit” at the beginning of September 2020.  It is a stand-alone song, well in advance of any future EP or full length release.  “He’s Like A Habit” features a bouncy country pop melody, and a story about a girl who is addicted to a relationship, knowing that it’s more superficial than long lasting.  The girl knows that her relationship isn’t built on sincere and deep affection (“This ain’t love, so don’t mistake me”).  The catchy lyrics of this song paint a picture of an attraction that keeps pulling her back in, even though her mind tells her it’s wrong (“So I lie, I lie to myself, saying he could be the one, ‘cause the truth ain’t no fun”). 
The video for “He’s Like A Habit” helps to illustrate the back and forth conflict, showing both the playful side of flirting  and living in the moment, along with the moments of resisting the temptation to pick up the phone and giving in to her weakness.  Notable in this video are the retro records lying on the floor as Ava contemplates her dilemma, as well as a ride down country roads with friends in a classic Impala convertible.  The video was filmed in Ava’s hometown of Wellington, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland, and recently spent some time on


Faith & Desire: 
The Ava Rowland Interview

In this video interview from October 22nd of 2020 with Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol, Country singer/songwriter Ava Rowland talks about how her upbringing in a family where everyone was a singer helped fuel her desire to pursue music on a professional level.  In addition to the inspiration she gained from her family, Ava talks about several musicians that she has followed the path of, and mentions a few recording artists that she would be honored to work with as the momentum of her career continues.  In addition to talking about her current single “He’s Like A Habit”, Ava shares the stories behind a couple songs from her most recent EP, Polaroid Picture, which was produced by performing musician/songwriter Britton Cameron.  Britton has written for or toured with several award-winning Country artists such as Lonestar, LeAnn Rimes and Toby Keith to name a few.   While discussing her recent music, Ava takes the time to talk about what her future plans are when it comes to releasing new material, how her Christian faith is an important part of her identity, and how she hopes she can share her faith with people through her music.

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