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Walking The Road To Oz:
The Bobby Kimball Interview

Without Toto to guide him, singer Bobby Kimball navigates many paths on an adventurous journey to his personal Oz. 

The title of his current album could've come from Steve Walsh and Kerry Livgren, but We're Not In Kansas Anymore is pure ex-Toto singer Bobby Kimball. The record is a tremendously strong sampling of songs that incorporate horns, strings, and the high tenor voice that can only come 

from one Bobby Kimball. When I discussed this latest set of songs with Kimball, he made it very clear that, at 70 years of age, he has no plans to end his legendary career. In fact, he told me he has booked about 25 concerts in which he will perform his Toto hits as well as his solo material with a 40-piece orchestra. “I’m gonna have a ball,” the excited singer said.

 In this conversation, you will hear Kimball discuss his past as well as the intricate details of his current work. You will hear Kimball tell the story of when he met his musical hero, Ray Charles, and his plans to record with Charles' daughter Shiela. But, perhaps the most exciting and heartwarming part of my conversation with Bobby Kimball came when he discussed a childhood friend named Tanner. Kimball tells the tale of a shoeshine man that taught him rhythm, and gave him an outlook on life that he still carries with him today.  It is a poignant story that is not to be missed.

So please, push the play button below, sit back, and listen to the great Bobby Kimball tell you stories. It was an honor for me to conduct this interview and it's a thrill to have you listen in.

0 - 1:24            Saying hello to Bobby Kimball.

1:25 - 6:09       Bobby discusses the writing, recording, and
                        production of his latest release, We’re Not In
                        Kansas Anymore

6:10 - 12:43     Bobby discusses some vocal pitfalls during live
                        performances and how he found a miracle
                        treatment from a doctor in Germany.

12:44 - 13:09    What do you consider your finest recorded

13:10 - 14:25    Bobby discusses his love for Toto.

14:26 - 14:47    What’s your favorite Toto album?

14:48 - 15:29    You’ve done hundreds and hundreds of sessions.
                         Is there anyone out there right now that you
                         would like to work with?

15:30 - 16:39    Can you pinpoint the greatest moment in your

16:40 - 36:26     Bobby shares news that he has written a movie
                          called “Tanner’s Song, and discusses the
                          poignant real life story behind it. 

36:27 -  37:58    Is retirement something you think about?

37:59 -  43:59    What’s at the top of your bucket list? (Hear
                          Bobby tell the story of when he met his hero,
                          Ray Charles, and a project that he has coming
                          with Charles’ daughter Shiela Ray Charles.)

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