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Beatle Right Hand Has "New Thing"
Paul McCartney's right hand man, guitarist Brian Ray, releases his  new single, "Got A New Thing." 

Musicians dream of just meeting Paul McCartney. Playing with the famous Beatle is just something that doesn't even enter the realm of possibility for most. Guitarist Brian Ray has had the dream gig of recording and performing with McCartney for more than 18 years now, and he still cherishes every second of his time at the right hand of the king.

The immensely talented Ray also writes, arranges, and produces his own brand of rock and roll. His latest single, "Got A New Thing," is a fresh, high energy take on a new generation of garage rock. One YouTuber summed up Ray's approach perfectly on his song "This Way Up", saying "It's like Tom Petty if he'd just had three cups of coffee, rather than three joints." That's really a great summarization of Ray's overall sound. Everything seems to have a sharp, crisp, youthful energy with a super cool, classic rock attitude. 

The "b-side" of "Got A New Thing" is a cover of the Procol Harum classic, "Whiskey Train," and it really highlights where Brian Ray's influence comes from. The killer riff originally played by guitar god Robin Trower is perfectly pronounced here, and the incessant cowbell from the original is nicely represented as well.

Between Ray's youthful energy, his masterful command of his instrument, and the stunning talent he surrounds himself with, "Got A New Thing" b/w "Whiskey Train" is a double shot that's sure to knock you off your seat.


Former Etta James musical director and current Paul McCartney guitarist Brian Ray discusses his latest single, "Got A New Thing." Brian also gives his insight on what it's like to record and perform with Paul McCartney for the past 18+ years, his history with Etta James, and his love of writing and recording his own music. 
Sit back and enjoy listening to great stories from one of the most jubilant and classy musicians in the world, Mr. Brian Ray!

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