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"I Stand With This Country" - Carl Ray

In July 2020, Country music singer/songwriter Carl Ray released his single, “I Stand With This Country."  It is a truly inspirational song, with a much needed message amidst all of the political and racial divisions at this moment in America’s history.  The song was co-written with Carl’s longtime friend, singer/songwriter Jacky Jack White, who has written songs for Charlie Pride, Neil McCoy, Ray Stevens and many other Country artists.  Carl reached out to Jacky Jack White to help him write this song after reflecting on the current state of affairs in the U.S.  It had been a few years since he had corresponded with him, but after Carl thought about who he felt most comfortable working on this song with, he reached out to Jacky Jack White, which led to this collaboration.  
The song begins by listing some of the unfortunate events that took place during the many protests in America this year.  Carl then goes on to sing of his unwavering love for his country and his hope for a better tomorrow (“I Stand With This Country.  I stand for peace.  I stand for all the hopeless when I bend my knees”).  As he continues to sing, the lyrics form a sincere prayer (“God take away the evil in thy country tis of thee, and heal your broken people.  Your truth will make us free”).  From the opening words to the last chord, Carl’s vocals and lyrics are passionate and heartfelt.

The video for “I Stand With This Country” goes between Carl singing the powerful lyrics to this song, and a montage of pictures and video footage from our country’s past and present history.  The images being portrayed are of people coming together to break down the walls of division that have been built over time.  Many of the images also demonstrate a sense of coming together to work for peace and healing.

-- Kevin Mikol


In this interview conducted by Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol
from October 22, 2020, Country music artist Carl Ray tells the very powerful story of how he was discovered and mentored by singer/songwriter Johnny Nash (“I Can See Clearly Now”).  Johnny had just passed away at the age of 80, just a couple of months before this interview.  Carl tells many great stories about his lifelong friendship with Johnny, as well as his own journey in the world of music as a black Country music artist.  Carl’s love for life and his love for God shines through every thought that he expresses.  His words and enthusiasm are inspirational beyond belief. 

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