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"Jesus & Alcohol" - Chapel Hart

Back in late summer of 2020, Country music trio Chapel Hart released a single called “Jesus & Alcohol”, as well as an accompanying music video. “Jesus & Alcohol” is a song about relying on one’s faith…. and a little bit of liquid encouragement, while shedding some tears over a failed relationship.  It’s a song about a broken bond, a Bible, and Bourbon.

From the very start of the song, the gospel style organist sets the church-like tone that represents one half of the story.  The other side of the story is that, in addition to trying to find spiritual solace, the affected subject of the story is also drowning in their sorrows, one shot at a time.  Throughout the song, clever word play contrasts spiritual and biblical details against a battle with the bottle (“I’ll fix my problems, pourin’ and prayin’ in search of….”).  The comparisons are made in a very artistic and tasteful way, as the 3 women that came together to form the band grew up in the church—7 days a week (“So pass the Bible, Bourbon and brace for a break up”)!  In addition to the creative lyrics, the catchy melody and great lead and harmony vocals make this song an undeniable hit!

The music video that was made for “Jesus & Alcohol” is one that is sure to be enjoyed by music fans across both the Country and Rock ‘N Roll genres.  The reason that Rock ‘N Roll fans will love this video is due to the involvement of none other than ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons.  In the video, which portrays a wedding where the groom is a no show, Billy plays the preacher who has to break the bad news to the bride.  In addition to Billy being a part of the video from beginning to end, there are also cameos by Country singer/songwriter J.D. Shelburne who plays the best man, as well as Country artists T. Graham Brown and Deborah Allen, who are guests at the wedding.  The storyline of the song plays out in a humorous kind of way, due to the endearing interaction between the band (the bride and bridesmaids) and the preacher, best man and guests.  The video made it all the way up to #2 on CMT’s Pure 12-Pack Countdown, a spot it held for 3 weeks!  



A Real Hart to Heart:
A Conversation with Chapel Hart

In this interview from October 22nd, 2020, Dr. Music associate “Country” Kevin Mikol had the privilege of talking to all three members of Chapel Hart - Danica, Trea, and Devynn.  All three ladies are cousins, and in addition, Danica and Devynn are sisters.  During this interview, the ladies of Chapel Hart tell the story of their youth, growing up together in southern Mississippi, and how a couple of timely phone calls brought them back together to make music their career.  Rock ‘N Roll fans will love to hear the story of how Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top went from having a cameo in the band’s video for current single “Jesus & Alcohol” to offering to play a larger role than they could’ve ever hoped for.  Another highlight in this interview with the band is their story of how they got the attention of Country singer/songwriter Maren Morris by posting a cover of one of her songs on a social media outlet (LeAnn Rimes chimed in too).  The warmth, humor and family unity that these ladies displayed during the interview makes the story of their journey a must see!

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