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Crobot - Something Supernatural
Something Supernatural - Crobot

I'm writing this as someone that really misses Rage Against The Machine, and often wonders why the whole world doesn't know the band Clutch.
I mention Clutch as an example, but there are dozens of bands that deserve to be known worldwide. Crobot is one of those bands. And why the mention of the absence of Rage Against The Machine and the gap it's left in my life? Well, because Crobot is a band that fills that void quite nicely.

Blending all the best qualities of bands like Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, Monster Magnet, and Wolfmother, Crobot has a "real" sound. It's raw, slightly unpolished, a little bit dirty, and a whole lot funky. And I guess I would say that it's instantly likable, since I just heard Crobot for the first time just six days ago.


The first time I listened to this album and heard the first track kick in, my first thought was one of jubilation. I found a band that sounds raw and hungry, without sounding adolescent or silly. This stuff has a big, heavy, burly-bearded sound (and it just so happens that the band's look fits their sound). Song after song I kept hearing sledgehammer riffing, hefty guitar solos that come from the depths of the garage, and a singer that is a pure talent. Singer Brandon Yeagley has a sound reminiscent of Chris Cornell with a touch of Shinedown's Brent Smith, and possibly the spaced out indie attitude of Monster Magnet's Dave Wyndorf. He's one of those guys that has the ability to send a shiver down your spine with his power and authenticity. But, I think the best part of this band is their undeniable deep groove. When these guys throw down it's the closest you'll get to that Rage Against The Machine funk metal power. The groove heavy nature of funk as a genre is all over this stuff, too. Having found a few clips of the band online, it is clear that Yeagley has a huge James Brown influence. How can you not love a band that's heavy as hell, but yet they can channel the #1 Funk Soul Brother James Brown, too? That's a really special gift.

Hear a great cross section of what this band can do by listening to "Skull Of Geronimo," which has a Rage Against The Machine groove and a vintage Chris Cornell-style vocal. When I say "vintage" I don't mean Audioslave, I'm talking about "Beyond The Wheel" or "Loud Love"-era Cornell. Skip to "Queen Of The Light" and hear the band employ a power ballad formula that explodes into a swirling explosion of psychedelic guitar effects and a thumping rhythm section. Then there is the lead single, "Nowhere To Hide." Here's a tune that's funky as all hell, has an anthemic sing-along chorus, and it has a great sense of melody. I think there are so many bands that play well or have a great groove, but they end up forcing things down your throat by trying too hard to be heavy. Heavy is in the heart, and Crobot is a band that understands that. They just do what they do, and deliver great music straight from the heart, and that works for me.




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