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Teach Your Children Well -
The Resurgence of the Vinyl LongPlayer

With record companies trying to decipher the mindset of the millennial and get themselves back on the playing field, you would think they'd be donning their battle gear. Butq instead of coming up with ideas and solutions, we've seen more than just a few of them duck and run, never to be heard from again. Ask yourself though, what would get a young person to purchase music in a world where they can get as much music as they would ever want for ten bucks a month?

You got to give them something that the Spotify or Apple Music stream doesn't. I always thought it would be great if the CD's came autographed. Get those rock stars to pick up a Bic. Another solution would be to give them another format to listen through. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new vinyl record! Yes, of course records have been out for what seems like centuries, but you have to realize that much of our younger generation has not even seen one. It is new and exciting to many young people, and they seem to be quenching their thirst with purchases.

Enter the specialty vinyl of Culture Factory USA. 

Culture Factory bills themselves as the "Home of The Legends of Rock" and is dedicated to bringing back original vinyl packaging - sleeves, photos, lyrics, credits and all - in the compact CD size. They are also presenting a few pieces of their classic albums collection in full size, remastered, 180 gram weight colored vinyl in extremely limited quantities (only 2000 of each title). There are two big reasons I find these items so alluring and special; 1) These are some of the greatest recordings in rock history, and 2) This is a chance for the younger generation to experience the classics in exactly the same way as generations before them have.

Seeing my son spinning Ted Nugent's debut solo record on a turntable is great. Seeing him hold it up to the light almost hypnotized by the translucent forest green color is something extra cool. Watching him hold the giant artwork and read the credits on the sleeve while a remastered "Stranglehold" oozes out of the speakers is just what the doctor ordered. 

Culture Factory is offering all kinds of great stuff to revisit or experience for the first time. 


I'm a big Ohio Players fan. I grew 
up listening to their Skin Tight release, as well as the classic Fire album. Angel is one of their records that I somehow missed, but Culture Factory's remastered version of the release on white vinyl allowed me to go back in time. I broke the shrink wrap seal, slid the sleeve with original artwork out of the gatefold jacket, and I carefully placed the heavy slab of pristine white vinyl under the needle. As the funky, jazzy title track strolled out of the grooves, I decided to sit on the floor and read the credits on the sleeve. I felt like a little kid again. I'm hoping that these special editions from Culture Factory can show future generations that magical aspect of discovering music.

For complete details on the current selections available visit: 

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