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David Ellefson: 
Music (and coffee) Is His Business
...And Business Is Good

David Ellefson is a name that is immediately associated with all of the iconic heavy metal giants. Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler…. this is the company that David Ellefson keeps on the list of legendary heavy metal bassists. A Grammy winner and ten-time nominee, Ellefson is respected by not only the metal community, but by the music world in general. 

Aside from his continued tenure in Megadeth, Ellefson has a host of other ventures in which he is dedicated. Whether it is Ellefson Coffee Company, Ellefson Films, David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation, or his EMP record label, David Ellefson is about as active as one can possibly be. 

I have often heard Ellefson referred to as “the nicest guy in metal,” and it is a label that I found to be 100% accurate. In the conversation below, you will hear a guy that is engaging and genuine; someone that remains humble and accommodating despite his status as heavy metal royalty. He was just as happy to talk in detail about his favorite Megadeth records as he was to discuss his current single, a cover of Post Malone’s “Over Now.” He took an extraordinary amount of time out of his extremely busy life to speak with me about whatever I wanted. This was less of an “interview” and more of a friendly conversation or just a cool hang.

Sit back and enjoy “the nicest guy in metal” as he takes you through his illustrious career thus far and beyond.



00:00 – 02:45     Saying hello to Dave

02:45 – 09:45     Dave talks about his EMP record label and his latest recording of
                          Post Malone’s “Over Now”

09:46 – 11:00     Dave discusses the next steps for Megadeth

11:01 – 17:29     Dave talks about his favorite basses, new signature models he’s                              got coming out, and how he prefers to record in the studio.

17:30 – 19:42     Dave picks his favorite Megadeth records

19:43 – 00:00     What is the ideal Megadeth lineup?

26:04 – 30:07     Have you listened to the Megadeth albums without you?

30:08 – 36:40     We discuss the heaviness of Bachman-Turner Overdrive and                                    Dave’s admiration of KISS’s Gene Simmons.

    “Gene is an incredible player. He’s the total package.”

36:41 – 39:20     If you had a young metalhead kid who hadn’t heard Megadeth,                                what’s the first song you’d play for him?

39:21 – 41:25     What did you think of the Risk album at the time, and what do                                you think of it now?

41:26 – 43:55     Dave talks about the fictional book that tops his bucket list.

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