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Zokusho - The Defiants

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of Danger Danger comes The Defiants! 

Well, that may be a little overdramatic but not by much. The Defiants are a 3-piece melodic rock outfit made up entirely of Danger Danger alumni. The core members are bassist Bruno Ravel, vocalist Paul Laine, and guitarist Rob Marcello. And wouldn’t you know, they recruited former Danger Danger drummer to stand in for this latest record.

I can hear you. You’re either asking if it sounds like Danger Danger, or you’re just assuming that it does. That’s fair. This is definitely the same brand of melodic rock that you might expect. It’s got the big hooks, the rousing choruses, the sharp guitar riffs, and the high quality production. But, the things that separate The Defiants from being a new version of Danger Danger are the songwriting maturity and the straightforward production. The things I associate with Danger Danger don’t really exist here. I expect lyrics that mostly revel in the party zone; songs about sex, cars, and beer. Those are three things that I absolutely adore, don’t get me wrong. But it’s a cliche in the melodic rock/hair metal genre that, frankly, is dated and worn out. One raunchy rocker here and there is always welcomed, but how about digging a little deeper for the bulk of the record? This material does just that. These songs have a more mature and deeper tone, both musically and lyrically. Sure, songs like “Allnighter” and “Drink Up!” are written from inside the party, but the majority of these songs keep the music sober and sharp. 

Of course, we get all the great hooks and harmonies. We get the high soaring vocals, and the ripping guitar solos. What we don’t get is the super slick production. No echos. No gigantic pillowy snare drums. The keyboards offer a comfortable and effective enhancement instead of an over-the-top 80’s synth clinic. The Defiants have taken all the best elements of the Danger Danger glory days and brought them into a more current climate. The songs are definitely a throwback to all of those big 80’s hooks, but the basic production qualities keep Zokusho from sounding stale or dated.

Once again, Frontiers puts out a record that moves melodic rock forward for up-and-coming generations. The Defiants are a perfect fit for this label, and they are a perfect fit for anyone that wants big sing-alongs with loud guitars and heavy harmonies. 


Danger In The Defiants:
The Bruno Ravel Interview

Former Danger Danger bassist Bruno Ravel discusses Zokusho, the sophomore release from The Defiants. Ravel speaks openly about his past with Danger Danger, and his future with The Defiants. Click the play button above and get to know Bruno Ravel, one of the most down to earth rockers on the scene today.

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