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Reaching Overload:
The Dino McCord Interview

Singer Dino McCord and his band Red Voodoo are about to explode.

“Rise Up” is the debut single from Sacramento based band, Red Voodoo.  It is a feel good, positive message song, containing lyrics that were written during a period of soul reflection about the events of 2020.   The track was produced by Frank Hannon, guitarist for Tesla.  Upon listening to the track, some of the classic Tesla sound can definitely be heard. Some heavy influence from Van Halen and from Sammy Hagar’s solo work is also a big part of their sound, as Red Voodoo began as a Van Halen tribute band.  Fast forward to the current moment, and the band is now writing their own originals, while continuing to channel the styles of Van Halen and Sammy as a big part of their inspiration.  

The overall vocal mix is a large part of what makes “Rise Up” such a strong single for this band.   This song features the strong lead vocals of 17-year old lead singer Dino McCord, who is influenced not only by Sammy Hagar’s vocals, but also by classic singers Sam Cooke and Otis Redding.   Filling out the overall sound of the song, are some really nice harmony vocals from guitarist Davin Loiler and bass guitarist Andrew Edwards.  

Not lost in the production of “Rise Up” is the fact that each member of Red Voodoo is a strong instrumentalist.  The guitar work of Dino, Davin and Andrew are brought out in the mix of this song, as well as drummer Nick Pesely’s ability to highlight the individual instruments of his drum kit.   A young band that is built on a foundation of strong musicianship is rare in today’s sonic landscape, where pre-programmed instrumentation is all too common.  For a band that is just starting out, it’s very impressive that they’ve built such a great sound in such a short period of time.   

In this interview with Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol on July 27, 2020, Red Voodoo lead singer Dino McCord talks about how the band came together, how they came up with their name and who their influences are.  Click on the below video to find out how they connected with Frank Hannon from Tesla and how their work with him has helped them to have experiences that musicians their age can only dream of.  During his conversation with Kevin, Dino also discusses the band’s songwriting process as they prepare to release an EP, and eventually their first full length album.

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