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Sophomore Saint Shines A Light: 
The Doug Aldrich Interview

Dr. Music talks to the guitarist for the Revolution Saints about the supergroup's sophomore album, his gear and career, and the time he went gaga for Gaga. 

Doug Aldrich is one of those guys you don't recognize without a guitar. That classic Les Paul body seems to be permanently attached or molded into his lean frame. But, it's when he moves his hands across his weapon that he really wields an intimidating power, not unlike some sort of Thor-like superhero. 

Before speaking with Doug, I wasn't sure what kind of personality I might encounter. His aggressive style and confidence when he plays is something very different from his personality. The soft-spoken voice that warmly welcomed me in conversation was more lamb than lion. It was immediately obvious that I was talking to one of the nicest, most humble guys in the music business. Doug seemed thrilled to give a whopping 40 minutes of his time to talk with me about his outstanding career, as well as the latest Revolution Saints release, Light In The Dark. I think you'll enjoy hearing the stories and answers to the questions, but my hope is that you enjoy the warm, gentle nature of this incredibly talented gentleman as much as I did.


00:00 - 07:44   Doug says “Hello” and explains how Revolution Saints got                          started, and talks a little history about the Frontiers record                            label.

07:45 - 10:51   How is Deen [Castronovo] doing?

10:52 - 13:15   With Deen seemingly back on track, was recording this                                record different from recording the debut?

13:16 - 14:43   Are you going to tour?

14:44 - 18:21   Was there ever any discussion that the material might                                  sound too much like Journey?

18:22 - 20:27   Do you have a favorite track from Light In The Dark?

20:28 - 24:40   Let’s talk tech…. What gear did you use for this record?

Photo by Adam Kennedy

24:41 - 26:50   Do you have a piece of music that you’re most proud of?

26:51 - 29:55   You’ve worked with a few guys that have a reputation for                               being “difficult to work with.” Is there anyone you wouldn’t                           work with again?

29:56 - 34:16   You’ve worked with Brian McKnight, Lady Gaga, and very                            different artists like that. How difficult is it for you to shift                              gears for that kind of stuff. (Great Gaga story!!!)

34:17 - 35:01   What record do you take to the desert island?

35:02 - 40:50   What’s left to do for Doug Aldrich?

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