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Flo - "Talking To Myself"

On August 21st of 2020, singer/songwriter Flo released a brand new single called “Talking To Myself” This up-tempo tune caught the ears of, where she received a very positive review for her song.  “Talking To Myself” is about a relationship where one of the two people wants to get out because they aren’t feeling their love is noticed or returned by the other person.  Upon further reflection, the discontented lover realizes they are glad when the other isn’t around (“got me thinking ‘bout the way I feel when you are gone”) and that the days may be brighter outside of the relationship (“I’m better when I’m walking away”).  Even though the song is about the end of a romance, the song appears to highlight a gleaming moment of clarity, as if moving on is a freeing experience.  It serves as an anthem for someone who has come to the conclusion that their one-sided relationship is perceived the best while glancing at it in the rear view mirror.


             Photo by Cory Michael

Chile In Miami:
Hot New Country Star Flo Shares Her Story

From her birth in Chile, to growing up in Singapore and Canada, Flo has experienced in a few short years what many people don’t experience in a lifetime!  In this video interview with Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol from October 23rd, 2020, Flo talks about her past experiences living in multiple continents, as well as her current time spent between Miami and Nashville.  Flo spends a significant amount of time talking about her influences, her songwriting style, and her goals for the future.  She also shares stories about some of her memorable experiences since making music her focus.  Throughout this interview, her energy and her passion for her career shine through brightly.

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