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The Beginning, The End, and The New Reality: 
The Geoff Tate Interview

Often described as "moody," "pretentious," and "controlling," Geoff Tate carries the weight of quite a large monkey on his back. A virulent side of Tate has been enshrined into the YouTube archives with visions of a fan's cell phone getting tossed and a drummer's face getting spat upon. But, on this day in early December 2017 when I spoke to Tate from his home in Seattle, I was treated to a conversation with a kind and gentle human being. This was a gentleman with great insight and intelligence, and perhaps most surprisingly, a huge amount of humility. 

Tate's band project, Operation Mindcrime, had just released the final record in a trilogy and a sense of ease and comfort was felt in every word spoken. As he discussed the latest album, The New Reality, Tate took extra steps to delve deeper into more meaningful conversation. He talked about the present culture shift in the United States. We discussed our families. He discussed some healthcare issues and concerns. He discussed real life with me, and he did it with all the kindness and patience of a saint.

Minutes before I reached out to Geoff Tate to begin this interview I imagined that this might end up as the "one that got away," or the interview where my subject does a mic drop, flips me off, and simply hangs up. I had never imagined that it might end up as one of the most pleasant experiences of my career.

To listen to my conversation with 
GEOFF TATE, click the play button on the media player below!

00:00-04:09     Geoff talks about ending the Operation Mindcrime band,                           and what he plans to do in the future.

04:10-05:21     With Kelly Gray and Randy Gane in the band, did you                               ever consider reviving the Myth band name?

05:22-07:54     This new album has a pretty unique sound to me. It                                 doesn’t come off as a hard rock, Queensryche-type of                               record. Do you agree with that, and was that intentional?

07:55-11:10     You play quite a few sax parts on this album. Is that                               something you want to explore more in the future?

11:11-12:03     Do you have a regimen to keep your voice in shape? 

12:04-13:50     You’ve done some motion picture film work in the past.                           Is that something you’d like to do more of in the future?                           Geoff talks about a song he will have available in 2018 to                         support the Mercy Watch charity. 

13:51-18:25     Out of all the great work you’ve done over your career,                           do you have anything that you’d consider your best                                 recorded performance?

18:26-19:20     Have you spoken to Chris DeGarmo at all?

19:21-23:12     Have you listened to the Queensryche albums recorded                           with Todd La Torre? Geoff shares his opinions of current                           Queensryche singer Todd La Torre, and the possibility of                           ever playing with his former bandmates.

23:56-27:16     Would you ever consider doing a commercial jingle?

27:17-34:52     Geoff discusses his thoughts about capitalism, education,                         and the current state of the union in the United States.

34:53-38:35     Did you ever consider writing an autobiography? Geoff                             discusses traveling the world.

38:36-41:38     If you could go back and give the 20-something Geoff                             Tate a piece of advice, what would it be? Geoff                                         discusses his children and grandchildren.

41:39-49:03     What’s tops on Geoff Tate’s bucket list? Geoff talks about                         the life of a “rock star,” and being happy in your own skin.

49:04-52:17     Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

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