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Wicked Sensation Reimagined – Lynch Mob

Has it really been thirty years?! The answer of course is “Yes,” and this new 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the classic Lynch Mob debut is a great way to celebrate the work that was done all those years ago.

Just to make it abundantly clear, this is not the same record as the debut. Sure, the skeletons of each song are still in place, but everything has been re-recorded with a different arrangement for just about every song. This concept is really unique, and it made me respect these songs even more than I already did. I’ve lived with this set of songs for thirty years and I know how strong and well written they are. Hearing them reworked is almost like hearing them for the first time again. Imagine one of your favorite bands covering a set of twelve classics and making them their own. This is really the same thing, only the twelve songs started as their own.

Now, I don’t always like what a band does to some of my favorite songs when they decide to make them their own, and that’s no different here. Do I like the original version of the title track better than this reimagined one? Yes, but I appreciate hearing a different spin on it. Put them head-to-head and I will choose the original, but there will be times where I will crave this reimagined version. I think that’s the real beauty of this. That original stirs a heavy funk rock emotion for me, and that’s a place where I like to spend a lot of my time. This new version has a slower bluesy vibe, and that’s one of my favorite getaway destinations. Having both of these to listen to now extends my musical journey with Lynch Mob and adds to the dynamic and dimension of this band.

One thing George Lynch didn’t want to do is simply release the same record again. So many artists plaster the almighty “remastered” label on old material and bleed the market for old cash. Lynch had no interest in doing that. Instead, he took the song concepts and went in the direction that felt right at this point in time. Some songs gained a little more swagger (“Wicked Sensation,” “She’s So Evil”) and some have more flavor added (“Rain,” “No Bed Of Roses”), but all of these songs feel fresh and new. I know there will be fans that will see this and say, “I would’ve rather had a new Lynch Mob record.” What I say to those fans is “Listen to it.” This is a new record. These really are new songs. The band went back into the studio, tore these songs down to their foundations and rebuilt them. Welcome to your new home. Get comfortable and stay a while.



00:00 – 06:48     George talks about living with a global pandemic and performing at the 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

06:49 – 15:37     George talks about his latest record, Wicked Sensation Reimagined, and what inspired him to re-record the original Wicked Sensation album.

15:38 – 18:57     George talks about a possible name change for Lynch Mob and his ideas for a band to take out on the road.

18:58 – 23:32     George talks about a new instrumental record and how it came to be.

23:33 – 24:05     And what’s the news with Dokken….

24:06 – 31:36     George talks about a number of projects that are possible in the near future or he is currently in the middle of, including The Banishment, KXM, Sweet & Lynch, End Machine, Dirty Shirley, and more!

31:37 – 34:06     George talks about building his dream of building an Earthship.

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