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George Lynch interview

Embracing The Brotherhood: The George Lynch Interview
Dr. Music talks to guitar god George Lynch about his career, his family, and the making of The Brotherhood.

George Lynch is one of the busiest guys in the music business. Balancing band projects like Dokken, KXM, Sweet & Lynch, and Lynch Mob, with making a film and raising children is something he seems to do with ease. His talent and diverse proficiency with the guitar has continued to grow from his early days as a spotlight guitarist on the L.A. metal scene.

In the conversation below, you will hear George talk about many of the projects he is currently working on and the diverse styles which he is exploring. You'll hear him talk about the current Lynch Mob record, The Brotherhood, in great detail. You'll hear about a documentary-style film he's making, his views on music streaming, and the dream he has of building his own unique home. Most of all, what you hear from George Lynch in the conversation below is passion; his passion for music and for life.


0 - 2:30            George talks about the new Dokken CD/DVD coming out                          in  2018.

2:31 - 3:47       George talks about all of the projects he’s currently                                  involved  with.

3:48 - 5:23       How do you approach the writing for so many diverse                              projects?

5:24 - 9:03       Is there any one style of writing that feels most natural                            for you?

9:04 - 13:46     Did you have a specific goal with this The Brotherhood                              album?

13:47 - 18:40   George takes us through all the equipment he used to                              record The Brotherhood.

18:41 - 21:08   Tell me about the Shadow Nation film you’re working on.

21:09 - 23:15   Would you have been a part of the Dokken vs. Chicken                            Norton commercial?

23:16 - 25:30   What are your thoughts on subscription music services                              and streaming?

25:31 - 26:04   What piece of advice would you give the George Lynch of                          the early 80’s?

26:05 - 27:35   What piece of music would you play for someone that                              has never heard you play? Is there a piece that you’re                              most proud of?

27:36 - 28:46   Lita Ford claims in her autobiography that you told her                              “Girls don’t play guitar.” Do you remember that                                        interaction, and what are your thoughts about the                                    female players?

28:47 - 30:38   Any chance of you writing a book?

30:39 - 34:24   You’ve done so much with your life and career. Do you                              have anything left that you still want to do?

34:25 - 36:26   Do your kids play music?

36:27 - 38:34   Have you ever thought about retiring?

38:35 - 41:22   George says goodbye and talks about touring with Lynch                          Mob.

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