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“I.D.” – Harkness

Listen here:

Oh… Where to begin?
Well, I’ll start you in the same place that I started….

"Listening to Harkness I was completely blown away by his grasp of vocal harmony and arranging. His song writing and unique production is some of the best I've heard in years." - Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. (Beck/Jellyfish)

I saw this endorsement by Manning, a guy that I consider a pop songwriting genius, and had to listen to this latest single. Harkness is a mononymous Canadian cloaked in a bed sheet and a cyborg-like visor that writes traditional pop music. So yeah, it’s like a prayer answered. 

As soon as I pushed play the room started to float. With the psychedelic underwater island tone of the opening guitar riff and the dreamy vocal layering, this song takes Monkees-style pop harmonies and mixes them with a Chris Isaak “Wicked Game” vibe. I know. Even the concept alone is groovy as hell. And yes, there is definitely a quirky Jellyfish influence hidden in here as well. Coming in at one second under the three-minute mark, “I.D.” is torturous teasing while being stupendously satisfying at the same time. One word instantly pops into my head as soon as this song ends – MORE!

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