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Henry McCullough interview

Henry McCullough: Then & Now
Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol talks with the guitarist about everything from Woodstock to Wings, and then a little more.
You may recognize him as the guitarist for Paul McCartney & Wings, or perhaps the name rings a bell as part of Joe Cocker's Grease Band, but one thing is for certain, Henry McCullough has been around the rock and roll block. 

Born in Portstewart, Northern Ireland in 1943, Henry McCullough took up the guitar as a boy and started playing in an Irish show band. As the British rock and blues scene developed in 1968, he moved to London where he met Joe Cocker and the Grease Band. As a member of the Grease Band, he supported Joe Cocker at Woodstock, with a highlight performance of the Beatles' "With a Little Help From My Friends." Shortly after Woodstock, the Grease Band went out on its own. Henry also has a speaking part at the end of "Money," the classic hit from Pink Floyd's legendary DARK SIDE OF THE MOON album., and he's worked on albums by Marianne Faithfull, Roy Harper, Ronnie Lane, Frankie Miller, Eric Burdon, and Spooky Tooth.

In the the late 1980s he moved to Poland and toured there. Returning to Portstewart in the early '90s, Henry worked in the local music scene, and returned to Poland in 1998 for his BLUE SUNSET album release and more tours. Henry now lives in Northern Ireland.
Henry McCullough's new album, UNFINISHED BUSINESS is a tribute to the people Henry's worked with as it includes songs he played on with Wings, Frankie Miller and Ronnie Lane. It is a roots-inspired working, combining folk, British blues rock, and party sounds. The album features a number of originals, including "Failed Christian," that Nick Lowe recently covered on his DIG MY MOOD album. There is also a Johnny Cash/Jean Shepard/George Jones classic called "I'd Rather Die Young" from the 1950s.

Henry McCullough, just prior to making an appearance at the Fest For Beatles Fans in Chicago in early August of this year, took time to talk with Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol about his life, his career, and his current relationship with Paul McCartney. Listen as Henry reminisces of old times spent with McCartney, as well as his time with Joe Cocker and Woodstock. 
You can hear Kevin's entire in-depth and personal conversation with Henry McCullough by clicking the play button below:


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