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JD Shelburne's "Church Pew Bar Stool"
A Righteous Country Confession

“Church Pew Bar Stool” is the current single from Country singer JD Shelburne’s upcoming album, “Straight From Kentucky,” which is due to be released this Fall.  This song tells the story of a man who reflects on the times when he falls short in life.  He also acknowledges that he occasionally misses getting to church on Sunday, as a result of his time spent listening to people pour out their souls.
As the song begins, JD sings that “I’m sure God’s got a lot of strikes against me.”  He goes on to mention a couple of his imperfections.  At the same time, he acknowledges that the subject of the song spends many nights in the bar, letting people bend his ear.  In doing so, he hopes that he and God are on good terms because of this ministry of being there for those in need of someone to talk to.
In addition to being pulled in by the storyline of the song, JD’s smooth voice and the melody line for “Church Pew Bar Stool” take the listener on a magical musical journey from the very first word that is sung.  Every sentence makes the listener that much more curious about the person that the song revolves around.  The overwhelming reason for this interest is that the subject is relatable because he’s not perfect.  

This video for “Church Pew Bar Stool” debuted at #1 on CMT’s  Music 12 Pack Countdown, and has stayed in the #3 slot for the last 4 weeks.  The video has also been viewed over 70,000 times on You Tube.  With one view of the video, it’s obvious why it is being met with such great success.  


From Tobacco Farm To Smokin' Country Star:
A Conversation with JD Shelburne

In the following interview with Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol from August 7th, 2020, JD Shelburne talks about how he became interested in music.  He also talks about the leap of faith he took to leave his family's tobacco farm in Taylorsville, Kentucky to chase his dream in Nashville.  Click on the below video to watch Kevin ask JD about his songwriting, and his loyal and ever growing fan base.  As he talks about his career, it is obvious that J.D. appreciates every person and experience that has helped him to realize his current success in the world of Country music.

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