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Jack Russell's Great White - He Saw It Comin'

I know who you are, and I want to ask you for some patience.

You're a fan of classic Great White. You saw the names Jack Russell and Great White and you're wondering if you can relive the glory days with the band's original singer. I will tell you right now that this is not a recycled Great White album. I will also tell you that it is Jack Russell, and his voice is in top form, so it does have glimpses of the Great White sound that we all love. Confused?
Yeah, I thought that might happen.

You're probably reading for one of two reasons (or both); you really like Jack Russell's vocals, or you really like the signature blues groove that Great White has perfected over the years. If you're a fan of Russell's voice no matter what the setting is, then you are really in for a treat. If you still crave an album filled with Great White groove, you might still be a little hungry when you leave the table that is He Saw It Comin'.

Russell is a tremendous talent. His voice is still just as powerful as it always was, with just as much range. Diversity is probably the name of the game with this album, though. Sure, there's some Great White moments, especially on songs like "Sign Of The Times," "Love Don't Live Here," and "Blame It On The Night," but most of this material goes a little bit deeper. A song like "She Moves Me" is a cool and steady rock song but a slight departure from the Great White norm, with Jack even doing a little rap thing. And "Anything For You" is a ballad, but a bit unlike a typical Great White ballad. These are the songs that are slightly off the beaten Great White path. There are also quite a few tracks that don't resemble Great White songs at all. "Don't Let Me Go" is a 70's, funky R&B thing and "Godspeed" is a straight up barbershop doo-wop session — concepts that are entirely off the beaten path. But there are two things that remain consistent throughout this record — Russell's vocal strength and the harmonies written into the songs. 

Russell is joined by guitarist Robbie Lochner (formerly of Rob Halford's Fight project) and ex-Great White bassist Tony Montana (playing guitar on this one), with most of the songs written or co-written with Lochner. With the whole band being able to sing back-up, this is one of the only albums that leaves Russell solely on lead duties. The band harmonies are excellent here as they stretch their abilities as far as they will go, even touching on a Beatles/ELO-like sound in "Crazy." And one of the deepest, most serious sounding songs on the album is the title track, and it's another with great harmony vocals that carry the mood of the song.

If you were one of the few people that followed Russell through his For You album and can appreciate his talent in any capacity, you're going to love this. If you're someone that wants to hear "Rock Me" ten times in a row, this might be a little bit of an off-road journey for you. I suggest you gas up the ATV, strap in, and feel the curves of the road ahead.


Facing The Day:
The Jack Russell Interview
Dr. Music talks with former Great White singer Jack Russell about his latest album, his sobriety, his singing regimen, and his plan to tell his story.

Jack Russell is known throughout the world for his steely pipes as the singer of the L.A. hard rock band Great White. And yes, he was part of the band that was involved in the infamous Station Nightclub fire. Unfortunately, that is how many came to know Jack and Great White, but this interview is for the millions of true fans the band had before that horrific night. This is for the fans that are interested in the music of Great White and the extraordinary vocal abilities of singer Jack Russell. You won't hear details of the fire in this conversation.

By clicking the play button below, you'll be taken away by the candor and sincerity of Jack Russell. His modesty and desire to make music is captivating. Find out how Jack's life is going. Find out details about the new Jack Russell's Great White release, He Saw It Comin'. Find out the routine that Jack goes through for every performance. Find out if and when Jack will be ready to publish his autobiography. Find out a whole lot more.....


0 - 4:40                  HOW ARE YOU? How are you physically and
                              mentally? How is your marriage and your sobriety?
                              Jack also discusses his latest album, He Saw It

4:41 - 11:00           Jack talks about the effects of The Station nightclub
                              fire on his music and some of the songs on the new
                              album, He Saw It Comin’

11:01 - 12:19         Who produced the album?

12:20 - 15:27         How was this album recorded? Did you record live in
                              the same room, or did you share files electronically?
                              Jack discusses the song “Godspeed”.

15:28 - 17:18         Jack talks about the diversity of He Saw It Comin’ ,
                             and why he didn’t want to make a typical Great White

17:19 - 19:40         Your voice sounds exactly like it has in the past. How
                             do you care for your voice?

19:41 - 22:30         What’s your favorite Great White record?

22:31 - 24:41         If I had someone that had never heard you sing,
                             what would be the first song you play for them?

24:42 - 27:10         Tony Montana plays on the new album. But, on
                             Tony’s last album with Great White, Psycho City,
                             there is a picture of him in the credits that looks like a
                             death notice. Tell me about that.

27:11 - 29:05         What is your relationship like with Mark Kendall and
                             the other guys in Great White? Where are you as far
                             as court proceedings for rights to the Great White

29:06 - 30:03        Are we going to get a book from you?

30:04 - 30:45        How did the collaboration of Great White and Clarence
                             Clemons come about?

30:46 - 32:05        What’s on the bucket list?

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