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Jared James Nichols interview
Jared James Nichols

Last week, I teased you a bit with Jared James Nichols electronic press kit, and a stream of his entire Old Glory & The Wild Revival EP (which are still available at the bottom of the page). But this week, you get to hear from Jared himself.

Click the play button on the player below, and sit back and enjoy my conversation with Jared as he talks about his love of music, his gear, his favorite record of all time, and much more.

I have listed all of the questions that I asked Jared below. If you just can't wait to get to a particular question, you can place the cursor of the audio player's progress bar on the time stamp shown on the left and hear Jared's response to that particular question.


1:00       The difference between being in L.A. and East Troy, Wisconsin

4:05       How would you describe your music? Is there an artist that you feel you most closely resemble?


6:35       Is it important to you to know about older artists and the music that came before you?

10:35     What is it that separates you from all the rest of the great young guitar players out there? 

13:15     You’re considered a new “blues rock guitar player.” Is that a label you’re comfortable with? Do
                you have any desire to step outside of that box?

14:45     Do you have a preference of the electric or acoustic guitar?

16:30     What about playing other string instruments? Is playing a sitar or a ukulele something that you’d
                be interested in?

17:35     Does L.A. inspire you to write songs more than East Troy, Wisconsin?

20:10     What kind of rig are you playing on stage and in the studio?

25:50     What’s your dream gig? Who are the guys you dream of playing with?

26:55     You’ve already played over 500 gigs. Is there any one experience that sticks out as a greatest
                stage moment?

30:30     What’s on your iPod?

33:50     Do you have a favorite record of all time?

36:10     Would you be interested in stepping into a band role as just the guitar player, and give up the
                role as a solo artist?

37:35     Is it a goal for you to be in the same class as Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughan?

Watch the Jared James Nichols electronic press kit here:

Stream the complete Old Glory & The Wild Revival EP here:


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