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The Jenny Thing Album Preview
On June 18th 2021, California based band The Jenny Thing is going to be releasing their 4th album (and their first in more than 20 years), entitled “American Canyon”.  Since the band expected to be releasing this album in late 2020, the first single, “Lightfield” was released in July of last year.  The second single, “All In My Head” just came out last month.  As the release date of “American Canyon” is quickly approaching, the band released the single, “Paper Angel” last week.  “Paper Angel” is the first track on the album, one that you’ll want to hear over and over.  Like most of the tracks on the album, this song has a definite 80’s flare to it.  The different instruments and effects on this track take you right back to a time when bands like The Cars were making new albums.  Another song that deserves some special attention is the title track “American Canyon”.  The groove created between the drums and guitar, as well as Matt’s very intentional and focused vocals makes for a winning combination!  Other highlights on this 8 song album include up-tempo tracks “More All The Time” and “Monsters Of Mercy” both of which sound as though they came right out of a time when bands like The Cure and New Order were at the top of their game.  “American Canyon” has all the makings to be a new favorite album for anyone who gives it a listen.  

Matt Easton (The Jenny Thing) Interview
On April 15, 2021, Kevin Mikol conducted an interview with Matt Easton, lead singer and multi-instrumentalist of California based band The Jenny Thing.  In the course of their conversation, Matt talks about how the band got its name, how at the height of their original popularity they won a round of Star Search, hosted by Ed McMahon and MTV VJ Martha Quinn, and how it came about for the band to reunite after a recording hiatus of over 20 years! Matt also talks at length about the upcoming album, American Canyon, and how the band worked together to create the music for this release.

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