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Jordan Moore interview

Jordan Moore’s debut single, “Hard At Quittin’” is not just another song about the romance of a guy and a girl.  It’s a song about being cheated on, and the eventual decision to put an end to the relationship.  The title of the song reflects the emotion that even though it’s inevitable that a relationship is over, it’s still hard to walk away from it.  The song was produced by Noah Henson, Jordan’s former band mate from his first dance with the music industry over 10 years ago.  

From the opening moments of “Hard At Quittin,” the listener is immediately pulled in by a driving beat and an intense and memorable guitar hook.  From the intro forward, the instrumental groundwork that accompanies Jordan’s vocals is solid.  With out-of-the-gate lyrics such as “I’ve been playing it cool, but you won’t leave him alone”, it becomes obvious that the act of cheating has been uncovered, and that it’s going to bring the relationship to a quick end.  The person who has been cheated on has already mentally checked out of the relationship, and it becomes a matter of time before he physically drives away from it.  

The video that accompanies Jordan’s return to the world of songwriting and performing was directed and produced by Keith Leman.  Keith has worked with an unbelievable roster of artists, including Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean, to name a few.  The action of the video is split between the band playing the song, and a visual picture of Jordan and the woman of his affection playing nice, while the lyrics tell that he’s on to her infidelity and about to walk away.  The side of the video that shows the band in action helps to support the fact that the music behind the lyrics is both intense and polished.   Fasten your seatbelts for this story, as it’s going to be a wild ride! 


Moore Giving More: 
The Jordan Moore Interview

In this video interview with Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol from October 23rd, 2020, the actual day that Jordan’s debut single and video were released, he talks about how his love for music was cultivated.  During the formative years of his youth, he was surrounded by a musical family that was very involved in praise and worship music at their church.  He talks about how he stepped away from music for almost 10 years after forming a band during college that eventually dissolved.  He recently moved his family to a town that happened to be outside of Nashville, but it wasn’t until he settled in that he decided, with a lot of encouragement from former bandmate Noah Henson, to pursue a music career once again.  During the course of this interview, you’ll hear how his upbringing and other past experiences in music have led him to the present moment, and how he views his music as a way to help others.

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