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Kelly Lang Delivers Drive To An Old Soul

By Kevin Mikol

Kelly Lang, singer/songwriter and multi-faceted artist, is releasing a new album on September 18th called “Old Soul.”  “Old Soul” is a collection of 14 songs that were originally written and recorded by other artists.  Most of the songs find Kelly singing from the Pop and R&B songbooks of the last several decades.  The first song that Kelly has chosen to promote in advance of the album being released is “Drive” from the catalog of The Cars.  The song was written by Cars front man Ric Ocasek, but was actually sung by Benjamin Orr, who shared the lead vocal duties throughout their recording history.  It was the highest charting single of the band’s career, getting all the way up to the #3 slot back in 1984.
While I listen to music from so many genres, and have so many bands that I have followed closely over the years (I am a self-professed music fanatic-the result of many years of working in the music industry), The Cars are truly my favorite band of all of them.  The first time that I heard Kelly singing this song, I fell in love with it all over again. I hope my acknowledgement that The Cars are at the very top of my list of favorites helps to support that my appreciation of what Kelly has done with this song is sincere.

When an artist sings a song that was originally made famous by someone else, they can either take several liberties with it to make it their own, or they can choose to stay close to the original.   Some songs leave lots of room for different, yet respectful interpretations, while others are more straight ahead.  In the case of “Drive,” Kelly took extreme care to record the song in a way that was so true to the original recording made by The Cars.  Every nuance of her vocals reflects the choices that Benjamin Orr made when he originally recorded the vocals for this song.  The musical arrangement and instrumentation that was built for this track, was also made with such care, so as to honor the style of the original recording.  
“Drive” is a very reflective song, with lyrics that were highlighted in a special way by Kelly’s smooth delivery of each and every word.  Kelly’s recording of “Drive” made me reevaluate this song, a song that I had taken for granted because I heard it so many times on the radio.  It’s even possible to lose interest in a song that is from your favorite band.  Because of the great care that Kelly took in singing this song, I will forever listen to it with a new and greater appreciation.



In this video interview with Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol from August 17th, 2020, Kelly Lang discusses her new album, “Old Soul” that will be released on September 18th.   Kelly explains how she went about choosing the songs for this album, as well as how she decided that “Drive” would be the first track that she would promote in advance of the album being released.  Kelly also talks in great detail about some of the amazing experiences she has had in her career, and the opportunities she has had to work with some of the biggest names in the music industry.  In this interview, Kelly’s unmistakable passion shines through in every facet of her career that was discussed. 

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