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Kevin Godley interview

This page is dedicated to the interview conducted with Kevin Godley on July 20, 2020 by Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol. To read the review of Kevin Godley's solo release Muscle Memory, click here.

Muscle Memory & The Genius Mind:
The Kevin Godley Interview

In this interview with Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol from July 20th, 2020, just 4 days after releasing the first track from his first solo album, Muscle Memory, Kevin Godley talks in great detail about the process of creating this unique project.  In the course of the conversation, Kevin talks about his time in 10cc, as well as how he continued to partner with Lol Creme after they left the band.   Kevin explains how, in addition to their recording projects as Godley & Creme, he and Lol started to direct music videos for some of the biggest recording artists at the height of the MTV revolution.

TIME STAMPS (7/20/20)

00:00-11:37  Kevin talks about how he came up with the concept of doing a crowdsourcing album for Muscle Memory, his first ever solo album.

11:38-14:21  Kevin talks about how it was very freeing to have complete creative freedom in making a solo album, and how it differed from working with his past collaborators.

14:22-15:04  Kevin explains that it’s not hard to do create a project that involves submissions from an artist’s fanbase.

15:05-18:12  Kevin talks about how the first organization he started this project with went bankrupt, and how he was still able to see it to its completion.

18:13-21:50  Kevin talks about how he interacted with each of the people who submitted an instrumental track for consideration for his album.

21:51-27:00  Kevin talks about the process of collaborating and experimenting in the studio with Lol Crème.

27:01-29:14  Kevin talks about his vocals with regards to his current project.

29:15-35:59 Kevin talks about coming up with the themes and lyrics for the current album upon hearing the instrumental tracks he chose to use.

36:00-38:12  Kevin talks about the process of releasing the tracks of Muscle Memory one at a time.

38:13-41:08  Kevin talks about creating some kind of video element for each of the tracks on Muscle Memory.

41:09-52:36  Kevin talks about his video directing career, both with Lol Crème and on his own.  Discussion as to how they were directing videos for other artists at the inception of MTV, and what the state of the video is today.

52:37-54:39  Discussion about brainstorming about future videos, and whether there is anyone specific that Kevin would like to direct a video for in the future.

54:40-56:32  Discussion about monetizing music and the state of music content in today’s music industry.

56:33-1:00:34 Kevin discusses the e-book that he wrote about his career

1:00:35-1:01:04   Kevin Mikol gives Kevin Godley the option to wrap up the interview with one more question, and Kevin Godley graciously says that he is fine on time and that there is no rush to end.

1:01:05-1:04:16   Kevin discusses which two tracks were the unsolicited tracks he received which inspired him to create a crowdsourced album. 

1:04:17-1:08:18   Kevin discusses one of the tracks on Muscle Memory called “One Day” a song about the future of music, which leads to an extended discussion about what music and technology will evolve over the next several decades.

1:08:19-1:11:51   Question:  Are there any 20th Century modernistic classical composers that you looked to for inspiration in the past?

1:11:52-1:18:39  Kevin briefly discusses jazz music followed by an extended discussion about the making of Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” video.

1:18:40-1:19:39 Kevin discusses the period of time where the music video scene was exploding.

1:19:40-1:23:47   Kevin discusses the making of the Yes video “Leave It”

1:23:48-1:27:53   Kevin discusses how some artists didn’t embrace the concept of the video, as well as how he and Lol Crème never tried to re-enact the storyline of the lyrics through their videos.

1:27:54-1:31:34  Kevin tells listeners of Muscle Memory what he set out to do when he created it, and where his thoughts were when he wrote the lyrics for the songs.

1:31:35-1:35:35  Wrap up of interview with a reminder that tracks are being released 1 at a time and information concerning where to find each track and when to eventually be able to purchase the whole album.

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