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Country Corner

Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol is working hard to bring you reviews and interviews from today's hottest Country music artists. Kevin works hard to be knowledgeable and prepared for his interviews so he can deliver top notch questions and stimulating conversation for the artist as well as the fans. 

Y'all have fun exploring Kevin's cozy corner of a whole lotta Country music, and even a little rock n' roll! 

A whole lotta Country....

Country/Folk/Americana duo 3 Pairs Of Boots talk with Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol about their history and their latest album, Long Rider, which is set to be released on January 29, 2021. Andrew and Laura were also kind enough to treat our Dr. Music audience to a very special exclusive performance!!! Hear the stories of the songs and listen to 3 Pairs Of Boots deliver top shelf talent directly from their studio!
Tim Atwood  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol talks with country music veteran and Grand Ole Opry staple Tim Atwood. Tim has performed over 8000 shows at the Opry, playing with just about everyone in country music. Hear the stories and knowledge of a pure musician who's been a cornerstone in country music.

Ashley Barron  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
In this video interview with Dr. Music Associate “Country” Kevin Mikol, up-and-coming Country music star Ashley Barron explains how her family’s love for music became the soundtrack of her life, and how she worked with a vocal coach (formerly signed to Quincy Jones’ label) that convinced her to record an album; a decision that had her canceling her plans to attend the University of Arizona. This twist of fate allowed her several opportunities that helped her dream become a reality.  Ashley tells many great stories about her exciting career and expresses her hopes for the future.  She discusses her current single, “Let Me Go,” and some of the unexpected turns it took to become front and center in her musical life.
Rachel Brooke  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Up-and-coming country music star Rachel Brooke takes time to talk with Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol about her latest release, The Loneliness In Me, and her future in country music.

T. Graham Brown  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Dr. Music associate "Country" Kevin Mikol talks with Country music star T. Graham Brown just weeks after the release of his first acoustic album, “Bare Bones.” In addition to talking about “Bare Bones,” T. Graham Brown talks about the many opportunities he’s had in the course of his career, including a 300-show tour as the opening act for Kenny Rogers. Brown discusses the jingle work he's done with countless major corporations, and talks at length about his SiriusXM radio show “Live Wire” on Prime Country Channel 58. There was also a couple of exciting new projects talked about that fans of any genre of music will want to hear about!

Chapel Hart  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Dr. Music associate “Country” Kevin Mikol speaks with country music group Chapel Hart - Danica, Trea, and Devynn. During this interview, the ladies tell the story of their youth, growing up together in southern Mississippi, and how a couple of timely phone calls brought them back together to make music their career. Rock fans will love to hear the story of how Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top went from having a cameo in the band’s video to offering to play a larger role than they could’ve ever hoped for. Another highlight in this interview is the story of how they got the attention of Country singer/songwriter Maren Morris by posting a cover of one of her songs on social media. The warmth, humor, and family unity that these ladies displayed during the interview makes the story of their journey a must see!

From her birth in Chile, to growing up in Singapore and Canada, up-and-coming country pop star Flo talks about her past experiences living in multiple continents, as well as her current time spent between Miami and Nashville. In this video interview with Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol, Flo talks about her influences, her songwriting style, and her goals for the future. Her energy and passion shine brightly throughout this conversation!

Nina Herzog  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!

From a talent show performance in 1st grade, to an appearance as a solo vocalist with the National Symphony Orchestra at the age of 17, Nina Herzog was taking in all of the sights and sounds of the world of entertainment.   In this video interview with Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol from February 19th, 2021, Nina talks about her many experiences in the performing arts. She discusses her role as the acting and singing voice of Odette in The Swan Princess, as well as the significant amount of voice acting work, and countless commercial recordings she has done.

Nina Herzog #2  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Nina Herzog, singer/songwriter, voice actor, session singer and entertainer extraordinaire, released her debut EP, “Together Away” on Friday, March 12th, 2021.   During this interview, Nina talks in detail about each of the six songs on the EP. 

Paige King Johnson  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol sits down to chat with up-and-coming country music singer-songwriter Paige King Johnson. Paige discusses her roots and her "growing up country," as well as what the future might hold for her going forward.

Kelly Lang  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Dr. Music associate talks with Country music star Kelly Lang as she prepares to release her latest album, Old Soul. Kelly talks about being involved in the music industry from a very young age and discusses many experiences along her journey.

Johnny Lee  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Country music legend Johnny Lee takes the time to speak with Dr. Music associate "Country" Kevin Mikol in a rare interview opportunity.
Johnny discusses his latest record, "Everything's Gonna Be Alright," the 40th anniversary of his #1 song "Looking For Love," as well as the many other facets of his storied career. Don't miss this rare interview with the great Johnny Lee!!

Carrington MacDuffie  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol had the pleasure of speaking with Singer/Songwriter Carrington MacDuffie about how she originally discovered her passion for music, and how she came to formally pursue music as a career. She also talks about composing and performing in her road band with her instrument of choice—an awesome custom made electric ukulele!   

Jordan Moore 
Dr. Music associate "Country" Kevin Mikol talks with up-and-coming Country music artist Jordan Moore. Jordan discusses his latest single "Hard At Quittin'," how he got back into his music career after a long hiatus, his passion for helping others, and what's next in his career.
Shane Owens
In this interview with Dr. Music Associate "Country" Kevin Mikol from, Shane Owens talks about how the music he was raised on inspired him to write and perform in a style that was established by the pioneers of Country Music. During the course of this interview, Shane talks about how Randy Travis helped and encouraged him with his music. He also reminisces about sharing the stage with veteran Country artists such as Toby Keith, Gretchen Wilson, Lorrie Morgan, & Aaron Tippin to name a few.
Carl Ray  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
In this interview conducted by Dr. Music associate "Country" Kevin Mikol from October 22, 2020, Country music artist Carl Ray tells the very powerful story of how he was discovered and mentored by singer/songwriter Johnny Nash (“I Can See Clearly Now”).  Carl tells many great stories about his lifelong friendship with Johnny, as well as his own journey in the world of music as a black Country music artist.  Carl’s love for life and his love for God shines through every thought that he expresses.  His words and enthusiasm are inspirational beyond belief.

Ava Rowland  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol talks with Country singer/songwriter Ava Rowland about her biggest influences, her Christian upbringing in a family where everyone was a singer, and her current single “He’s Like A Habit.”  Ava also shares the stories behind a couple songs from her most recent EP, “Polaroid Picture."  

Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol speaks with Songwriter/Solo Artist Maia Sharp.  During their conversation, Maia talks about how she had originally planned to pursue a career as a saxophonist, until she fell in love with the process of songwriting.  She also explains how Cher became the first internationally famous artist to record one of her songs.  That experience motivated her to write many more songs, some of which have been recorded by other high profile artists such as Bonnie Raitt (one of her favorite artists from her youth) Art Garfunkel, Trisha Yearwood, The Chicks, Paul Carrack and Lisa Loeb, to name a few. And, watch for the EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE from Maia!!!!

JD Shelburne  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol speaks with up-and-coming country star JD Shelburne about his journey from growing up on a tobacco farm in Taylorsville to playing big stages all over the country, and his latest hit "Church Pew Bar Stool."


And a little bit of Rock N' Roll....

Joe Bouchard  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
In this video interview with Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol, Joe Bouchard, co-founder of legendary rock band Blue Oyster Cult, talks in great detail about his current album, Strange Legends, and his long career in Blue Oyster Cult.  He also talks about why he eventually left the band, and his ventures into some surprising projects since departing.

Matt Easton
On April 15, 2021, Kevin Mikol conducted an interview with Matt Easton, lead singer and multi-instrumentalist of California based band The Jenny Thing.  In the course of their conversation, Matt talks about how the band got its name, how at the height of their original popularity they won a round of Star Search, hosted by Ed McMahon and MTV VJ Martha Quinn, and how it came about for the band to reunite after a recording hiatus of over 20 years! Matt also talks at length about the upcoming album, American Canyon, and how the band worked together to create the music for this release.

Andrew Farriss  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Kevin Mikol was presented with the rare opportunity to talk with singer/songwriter and co-founder of the internationally successful band INXS. During the course of their interview, Andrew discusses the creation of his self-titled solo debut with Kevin, including the process he went through to create videos for singles “Come Midnight”, “Run Baby Run” and “Good Mamma Bad”.  He also talks about how he decided to release a stand-alone EP entitled “Love Makes The World” in late 2020.  In addition, Andrew takes the time to discuss how he views the songs that he has written in the past, his current songs, and how he looks to the future with optimism.  

Rob Fetters   with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
At the beginning of 2021, Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol had the opportunity to speak with Rob Fetters (The Raisins/The Bears/psychodots) on 2 separate occasions. During these video interviews, Rob and Kevin talked at length about so many topics that we decided to break the interviews into 5 segmentsShip Shake (new album) and Music Industry Talk, House Concerts & Livestreams , Making A Band, Guitars & Songwriting.

Kevin Godley  with EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!!
In this interview with Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol from July 20th, 2020, just 4 days after releasing the first track from his first solo album, Muscle Memory, Kevin Godley talks in great detail about the process of creating this unique project.  In the course of the conversation, Kevin talks about his time in 10cc, as well as how he continued to partner with Lol Creme after they left the band.   Kevin explains how, in addition to their recording projects as Godley & Creme, he and Lol started to direct music videos for some of the biggest recording artists at the height of the MTV revolution.

Dino McCord  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!
Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol chats with Dino McCord of Sacramento-based rock band Red Voodoo. Dino and his bandmates average 17 years of age, with a sound that harkens back to a 70's and 80's classic rock. Dino discusses the band's beginnings, what it's like to have Tesla's Frank Hannon as a mentor, and what the future might hold for Red Voodoo.

Chip Z'Nuff  with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!!!             
Dr. Music associate and longtime music industry associate Kevin Mikol talks with Enuff Z'Nuff founding member Chip Z'Nuff. Kevin and Chip discuss the latest release from Enuff Z'Nuff, Brainwashed Generation, and a whole lot more!

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