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"Santa! Bring My Girlfriend Back!" - High Plains Drifters

Every year I like to look for a new, original Christmas song to lift my spirits and put me in that Christmas mood. With 2020 being the most dismal year since the flame went out on Neanderthal man's first fire, High Plains Drifters' "Santa! Bring My Girlfriend Back" is the perfect holiday jingle.

The genre-bending High Plains Drifters are a unique blend of Country, Blues, Soul, Rock, and Americana. You might even find a hint of post-punk angst in some of their tunes. For this track, the band amps up the musicianship with a swinging, jump and jive instrumental underneath a slightly awkward storytelling vocal reminiscent of Elmo & Patsy's "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer." You'll hear a great marimba sound blending perfectly with a full brass section that kicks the entire song right in the tookus. 

The song was written by Larry Studnicky, the band's primary songwriter, after a complete Christmas party meltdown. The elements of comedy, musicianship, and Christmas cheer make this an uplifting, delightful listen for a less than delightful 2020.


Larry Studnicky, songwriter and creator of the genre-bending band High Plains Drifters, discusses the band's latest single "Santa! Bring My Girlfriend Back!" and so much more. Sit back and enjoy Larry's warm persona as he tells of his journey from Harvard Law to today's music scene.

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