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Last In Line Invades Seabrook

Photos and text by Patrick Moreau

    On May 3rd, Last In Line let loose a barrage of classic Heavy Metal at the Chop Shop in Seabrook, New Hampshire. The band consists of members of Dio's original line up and take their name after one of their best loved albums. 

    The show opened with "Stand Up and Shout" and "Straight Through The Heart" from Dio's first album Holy Diver. They were played very loud, tight, and with a nasty edge — the way those songs were meant to be played. Next they delved into "Devil in Me" from their debut album, Heavy Crown.
Heavy Crown was a great hard rock CD that was released in 2016. It is the kind of music you find yourself cranking up as you drive in your car. The music really compliments Dio's music very well, proving that these men have magic.

    Most of these men are stars in their own right. Vivian Campbell is the guitarist. You might have seen him in his other well known band, Def Leppard. He has only been there for about 20 years. Proving that Vivian does not like to rest, Def Leppard is set to tour this summer. (In fact, they will be in Boston at Fenway Park, with Journey this August.) Vinny Appice is the drummer. Before he joined Dio he played with Ronnie James Dio in Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell. Phill Soussan is the bassist. He has played in many hard rock bands but is probably best known for playing with Ozzy Osbourne. He replaced founding bassist Jimmy Bain who passed away in 2016. Singing very strong lead vocals is Andrew Freeman, a Massachusetts native who considers himself "the odd man out" when it comes to comparing resumés. (Hey, he said so during the show!)
    This is no tribute band. This is a real band who is not afraid to play their own songs. They played many classic Dio songs like "Holy Diver" and "The Last In Line,” but they also played "Martyr" and "Already Dead” from their Heavy Crown CD. A couple of weeks ago keyboardist Erik Norlander left the band. What we heard was a leaner, meaner band. When they went to play "Rainbow in the Dark" and “Starmaker," they had such an edge to them. Isn't that why we love Hard Rock/Heavy Metal? This is not music you listen to when you’re sipping your tea. You listen to this when you are having a beer at the club. Last In Line played with great intensity because it was the basic rock unit, 4 guys!

    Opening for Last In Line was the battle of the cool names with Red Sky Mary and Killer@Large. Red Sky Mary is a band that looks retro but has chops and good singers to go with them, and Killer@Large is a local band with a good singer.

    Last In Line is more than worth checking out. Check them out before they are off the road. If you can't see them, get their CD, Heavy Crown.


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