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"When The World Doesn't End" - Maia Sharp

“When The World Doesn’t End” is the 2nd single from Maia Sharp’s upcoming album Mercy Rising.   This newest song to be released in advance of her album is a writing and vocal collaboration with fellow songwriter P.J. Pacifico.  It is a song about hope after an extended period of doubt.

“When The World Doesn’t End” begins with an interesting groove that pulls the listener in before the vocals enter. As the initial lyrics are sung, it’s not yet obvious that a relationship with underlying tension is being sung about.  That doesn’t happen until Verse 2 (I used to dance around the circle of your friends.  Take the longer way I know you wouldn’t take).  

As the song’s story is unveiled further, the cleverly crafted lyrics of the chorus illustrate how amidst the strain of a relationship, everyone survives (4-3-2-1….and no Armageddon.  There’s still a moon. There’s still a sun, and we’re still breathing).  The lyrics and melody of the chorus are enhanced by some awesome harmonies from P.J. Pacifico.  The combined voices of Maia and P.J. are a musical match made in the heavens!
As the song winds down, the listener is presented with the message of hope that the chorus gives one more time.  Maia’s intensified vocals as she doubles the length of her countdown to “No Armageddon” drives home the point that there is life beyond strife.  The instrumental outro with the addition of piano brings the song to a gentle and calming end.  From start to finish, “When The World Doesn’t End” is a musical journey that is medicine for the soul and melody for the ears.



On February 18th of 2021, Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol had the great fortune of speaking with Songwriter/Solo Artist Maia Sharp by means of a video interview.  During their conversation, Maia talks about how she had originally planned to pursue a career as a saxophonist, until she fell in love with the process of songwriting.  She also explains how Cher became the first internationally famous artist to record one of her songs.  That experience motivated her to write many more songs, some of which have been recorded by other high profile artists such as Bonnie Raitt (one of her favorite artists from her youth) Art Garfunkel, Trisha Yearwood, The Chicks, Paul Carrack and Lisa Loeb, to name a few.

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