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A Place To Hang His Hats:
The Marc LaBelle Interview

If you aren't familiar with Marc LaBelle and his band Dirty Honey, you should be.

Dirty Honey is one of those bands that has that spark, the fire of a classic, vintage rock and roll band. With groove heavy tunes, a solid management team, and one of the greatest producers in the world, Dirty Honey is poised to save rock and roll all by themselves.

In this interview with Dr. Music on July 20, 2020, Marc was preparing to play the very first virtual live gig from The Viper Room in Los Angeles. Because the Coronavirus pandemic has put musician life on hold, the band will play to an empty Viper Room and broadcast the show to a crowd of fans that will enjoy it from their computer screens. It is sure to be a truly unique experience with one of the most promising acts of our time. (Tickets are available here)

Click on the video below and hear Marc talk about the virtual live gig, the work he's currently doing to get another Dirty Honey record done, and what he might say if Joe Perry (Aerosmith) called and offered him a job. 

Marc is one of the good guys. He was so generous with his time and was open and willing to talk about so many facets of his life during the interview, we can't thank him enough.

Special thanks to Marc, and I hope everyone enjoys this very special interview!

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