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Dishing Out God Damn Evil: The Michael Sweet Interview

Photo by Scott Itter

In this conversation, Michael Sweet discusses the latest Stryper release, God Damn Evil, and addresses the album title controversy. Other subjects explored are new bass player Perry Richardson, Michael's ranking of all the Stryper albums, and the possibility of another memoir.

If you're not familiar with Michael or how he approaches interviews, I can only tell you that you get nothing but honesty from this guy. He treads the path of his life unafraid. His non-"PC" opinions and comments have landed him in hot water in the past, but he continues to dish out honesty. For an interviewer, Michael Sweet is the ultimate subject to engage with. You may not get the answer you're looking for, but you will always get a straight and truthful one, and it's always delivered with sincere respect. 

Sit back and enjoy Michael Sweet.


Photo by Scott Itter


1:15      Michael discusses the title of the new record, God Damn Evil.

6:24      Michael weighs in on the advantages and disadvantages of                       being honest.

8:45      Michael discusses the song "Take It To The Cross".

12:18    Michael talks about new bass player Perry Richardson and the                   bass parts on God Damn Evil.

18:35    Can we expect a new book?

20:11    We discuss Michael's wife Lisa, and if there might be any more                 collaborations with Moriah Formica.

24:35    How does the voice feel, and do you like to challenge yourself?

29:18    Michael discusses his ranking of the Stryper albums.

Michael's list:
  1 - God Damn Evil
  2 - Soldiers Under Command
  3 - Fallen
  4 - No More Hell To Pay
  5 - To Hell With The Devil
  6 - The Covering
  7 - Second Coming
  8 - Murder By Pride
  9 - In God We Trust
  11-The Yellow & Black Attack (original)
  12-Against The Law

34:55    With a new member in the band, will the signature Stryper                       harmonies change?

37:05    Did you ever consider doing a Stryper song with somebody other               than Michael Sweet on lead vocals?

39:10    More discussion about the songs on God Damn Evil.

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