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The Mike Portnoy Interview:
A Son Talks Apollo, Theater

Ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy talks with Dr. Music about his latest supergroup Sons Of Apollo and their debut, Psychotic Symphony. Listen to the exclusive audio to hear Mike pick between two albums from some of his favorite artists, and what he might say if he ever gets a call to be Rush's drummer.

With just his body of work as the drummer for prog metal gods Dream Theater, it's no wonder that Mike Portnoy is often considered the greatest drummer in the world. After leaving Dream Theater in 2010, his catalog and the variety of his work has increased tenfold. When I spoke with Mike, his supergroup project Sons Of Apollo was set to release their debut, Psychotic Symphony, upon the world. In preparation for this interview, I wanted to make sure I got to know not only Mike Portnoy the drummer, but Mike Portnoy the person. In this audio interview you'll hear Mike talk about his role as a father. You'll hear him discuss some of his favorite records from some of his biggest influences. And, you'll hear what he might say if he was ever offered the job as the drummer for Rush. 

Click the play button on the player below, sit back, and get to know Mike Portnoy. This was one of the greatest interviews I've ever done because I felt like I was just hanging out with a buddy talking about music and life. We had great fun, and I hope you have just as much fun listening.  


00:00-03:35     Why form Sons Of Apollo, yet another band for you to be                         involved with?

03:36-03:58     Have you listened to the Dream Theater albums they've                           done since you left?

03:59-06:48     Was it a concern that this Sons Of Apollo album might                             get minimal reception in the musical climate of today?

06:49-09:30     Did you record this with the band all together in the                                 studio, or did you compile files sent via email?

09:31-11:15     Listening to Psychotic Symphony now, is there anything                           you'd like to go back and tweak?

11:16-12:01     This isn't just a one-off album. You're a band, and you're                         going to tour on this album, correct?

12:02-13:02     How about your son, Max, and his band Next To None. Is                         he going to be your opening act?

13:03-14:52     Was it ever uncomfortable for you being the "hired gun"                           in situations like you had with Avenged Sevenfold and                             Twisted Sister.

14:53-16:25     Geddy Lee calls and offers you the job as Rush's new                               drummer. Do you take that gig?

16:26-18:01     Can you pick one piece of music that you're most proud                           of? A piece of music that defines you as a drummer?

18:02-19:00     What's tops on the bucket list?

19:01-19:43     You're off to the desert island, what one record do you                             take?

19:44-20:16     The Beatles: Revolver or Abbey Road?
20:17-20:29     The Who: Tommy or Who's Next?
20:30-21:19     Rush: 2112 or Moving Pictures?
21:20-21:38     Led Zeppelin: III or Presence?
21:39-22:25     Iron Maiden: Killers or Piece Of Mind?
22:26-23:30     Twisted Sister: Under The Blade or Stay Hungry?
23:31-23:55     Genesis: Nursery Cryme or Duke?
23:56-25:34     Mike gives me one!!! 
                       Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard Of Ozz or Diary Of A Madman?
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