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Moriah Formica - Bring It On!

Having an obsession with all things musical and writing about it is something that provides me with a constant accumulation of material on my desk. There's some great music from every genre, and I feel privileged to be exposed to such a wealth of it. But, every once in a while I find something that really messes with me. I find something that keeps poking me; something that just refuses to let me move on. That certain something at the moment is the voice of Moriah Formica and her six-song EP, Bring It On!

The fact that this sound comes from a 15-year old girl makes it all the more astonishing, but the fact is she's a tremendous talent regardless of age. She's not great for her age, she's great for any age. After listening to these six very special songs and watching performances on YouTube, she has easily made her way into the upper echelon of female rock vocalists. The mention of Moriah Formica with the likes of Maria Brink (In This Moment), Amy Lee (Evanescence), or Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) is something that's fair and well deserved. She's a highly trained singer with great power and tone, with a knack for conveying powerful emotion and passion.

The first track, "Slave," jumps out of the gate with Formica's piercing voice leading the track every step of the way. No big instrumental intro. No subtle introduction to her voice. She's in your face one second after you push that play button, and she's sure to be a welcome intrusion to anyone that loves a strong female rock voice. The chugging rhythm that runs along with her vocal track is perfectly executed to provide a strong hard rock beginning. Surrounding herself with guys like Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall on drums, and Jack Daley of Lenny Kravitz's band on bass, secures a foundation strong enough to support a small country, and the brilliant guitar work of Jay Rodgers and David Messick made my head spin. All of this talent is produced with excellent precision by Paul Benedetti.

The critical difference that separates Formica and her music from the colossal mountain of singers on my desk though, is her ability to touch the soul in different ways. When she dives into an emotionally draining song like "Broken Soul" she can squeeze tears from your eyes. She has your neck sore and your feet aching from the marching stomp of "Back Off," which includes a mind-blowing time change to boot. "Save Me" soars, the title track triumphantly rocks (with Stryper's Michael Sweet lending his skills), and "Lovestrong" has an oddly different power pop feel. All of these songs are written by Formica herself, and you can feel her vested interest in their content. Not only does she feel every note, she makes the listener feel every note. I laughed and smiled, I cried, and I was lifted up emotionally and spiritually with these songs. This is really something special.

To purchase Bring It On! and for more info on Moriah Formica visit her official website at:




Moriah Formica is a 15-year old girl from Latham, New York. She goes to high school, watches TV and does her hair like any normal teenager. But, underneath the ordinary teen exterior lies an extraordinary old soul. She's a trained singer and highly skilled songwriter, a self taught guitar player, and a deep person with the ability to channel her innermost emotions into powerful works of art. 

I recently had the privilege of speaking with this very special young lady about her latest EP, Bring It On!, and her approach to a future in rock and roll. Click the button below and sit in with me while I speak with Moriah Formica….

1:20-2:20       How have you managed to get your music recorded and
                      market yourself so well?

3:09-4:00       How did you learn to write music?

4:01-5:00       Have you had voice lessons or guitar lessons?

5:01-5:27       Would you consider yourself a singer before a guitar

"I'm not a Christian artist, but I'm an artist who is a Christian."

5:28-6:19       How does your songwriting process work?

6:20-7:40       If you had an offer to tour with a major act like
                    Halestorm just after you graduate high school, would you
                    go? What are your thoughts about college?

8:02-9:53       Moriah talks about her endorsement with Merida Guitars.

9:54-12:35      If you had to choose between singing and playing guitar,
                      which would you choose?

12:55-14:55    How do you stay grounded when everyone's telling you
                      you're amazing? And on the other side of that, how do
                      keep from letting the hurtful comments affect you?

14:56-17:03    What's Moriah's biggest fear?

18:28-20:13    Is it a little unsettling to know that details of your life
                     will be "under the microscope" as your popularity

22:50-24:22    Have you thought about touring?

24:23-27:00    Are you comfortable being labeled as a Christian artist?
                      How much influence does your faith have on your music?

27:01-28:49    What is normally the focus of your music? What do you
                      like to write about?

28:50-30:10   Who are your idols/influences?

30:11-31:43   Do you listen to music other than hard rock and metal?

31:44-33:41   How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a

33:42             What's next for Moriah Formica?

"I'm not going to stop. It's only going to get better from here."

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