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Moscow Noir - Moscow Noir

Moscow Noir is a Canadian export created by frontman/guitarist Lesther Gutierrez. After he taught himself about production and recording, he began experimenting with electronic sounds. Gutierrez is the writer, composer, producer, singer and lead guitarist of Moscow Noir and he created all of the material for the EP before he put the band together. This former broadcast designer for Canada's CTV is also the visual creator behind Moscow Noir artwork, branding design and animation. This is a man with a vision.

To call this ambient music would be a bit unfair, although the electronic swirling and thumping create a private landscape for the listener. With a mixture of sounds that might remind you of such diverse acts as New Order, Muse, or even classic Pink Floyd, Moscow Noir blends rock and electronic as good as anyone out there.
The single from the EP, "Stars," is one of the most accessible songs in this set. With a slight structure and inflection similar to The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army," and a sped-up tempo and instrumentation reminiscent of Muse, Moscow Noir creates a song that should please the masses of alternative rock fans. But, this isn't the only speed Moscow Noir has. A song like "Fault Lines" is a beautiful canvas painted with swirling ambient synth riffs that are infused with a gentle vocal part that harkens back to a classic Depeche Mode vibe. While "Night Rider" and "Control" successfully stay within that ambient electronic realm, "Changes" takes the sound into a more soulful, urban groove. "Constellations" finishes the EP, and it goes even further with vocal tone and feel, from a soothing low register to a U2-like explosion of emotional highs. 

I do want to mention the production quality here, too. The EP was recorded in Gutierrez's home studio, and it's something you might call an "eargasm." The sharp synth sound balancing channels with the vocals is something you have to experience with a good set of headphones to fully appreciate. 

This is a really nice peek into the future of electronic rock music. I wouldn't be surprised to see Moscow Noir as a leader of the next wave of this vast and quickly growing genre.

Musicians that will round out the live touring lineup are Lesther's brother Sylvain Gutierrez (bass guitar/backing vocals), Steve Rice (drums), Richard Gillespie (keyboards), and Mike Formusa (guitars).

Twitter: @MoscowNoir 


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