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Let It Snow: The Neal Morse Interview

If there was a throne for the King of Prog, Neal Morse would be seated comfortably in it. But, after speaking with this prog icon, I'm thinking you'd have to strap him down kicking and screaming. Neal Morse is a soft spoken and humble gentleman. A man that is being led through life by his higher power, and he is more than comfortable doing so.

When I spoke with Neal, the release of Snow LIVE, by his former band Spock's Beard, was set to be released. Originally written at a time when he was just finding his faith and preparing to quit the band he started and led for about a decade. On top of that, you throw in the terror attacks of September 11th, and you get the most turbulent of times. Neal told me about his state of mind at that time, and walked me through much of the writing process behind the masterpiece that is Snow.

By clicking the play button on the player below, you can hear Neal tell the story of Snow, and hear him run through other facets of his storied career.


0 - 2:04           Why reunite with they guys from Spock's Beard, and why do

2:05 - 5:04      With you finding your way religiously at the time, Snow had big spiritual overtones. Did you ever worry that the band wouldn't want to go in that direction, or fans might not "get it?"

5:05 - 6:13      Neal talks about the power and emotion behind the Snow.

6:14 - 7:23      You didn't tour on Snow because you quit the band. Did that always seem like unfinished business.

7:24 - 8:07      Listening to Snow today, is there anything that you'd like to go back and tweak?

8:08 - 9:36      Where does Snow sit on your list of greatest concept albums of all time?

9:37 - 10:07    When you were writing the songs that Nick D'Virgilio sings on the album, did you have his vocal tone in mind or did the decision to have him sing them come later?

10:08 - 11:15   Is there a possibility of getting Spock's Beard together for another album?

   The Neal Morse Band

11:16 - 12:30   What is the first thing I should play for someone unfamiliar with Neal Morse music?

12:31 - 14:48   If the terror attacks of 9/11 would've never happened, how would Snow be different?

14:49 - 16:24   The music on the second disc is a bit more aggressive. Was that intentional? 

16:25 - 18:32   Do you prefer having total creative control like you have in The Neal Morse Band, or a more democratic process like you have with Flying Colors?

18:33 - 19:32   What changes about your writing when you're writing for Flying Colors, as opposed to writing for The Neal Morse Band?

19:33 - 20:32   Do you find one project more difficult to write for than the rest?

20:33 - 20:55   Will we see another album from Flying Colors?

20:56 - 23:57   Other than continuing to write great music, is there any one thing that you'd like to accomplish?

I'd like to see more lives change from coming in contact with our great Living God'"

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