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Nina Herzog-“Together Away”

Nina Herzog Wants You To Journey with Her 'Together Away' « American  Songwriter

Below is a track-by-track review of “Together Away”, the debut EP from Nina Herzog. A quote from Nina (taken from the interview below) is included after each track review.
Nina's new EP, Together Away, is now available to purchase.

"Changing Seasons" - Released back in November of last year, this track was the lead-off single for “Together Away.”  “Changing Seasons” starts off with gentle sounds, in the form of singing birds, and a very catchy guitar ostinato.  The first lyric pulls the listener in immediately (If I never know the changing seasons, I’ll never write with metaphors of snow and rain). Nina’s lyrics go on to explain that she’s writing from “sunny California” which helps to encourage understanding of the song to extend to the seasons of life.  The thoughtful lyrics and beautiful melody of this song are a winning combination.
“I think it’s nice when you live with changing seasons because it’s like this reflection of life where sometimes it’s chilly and sometimes it’s “this”…and it’s like that is life.  It’s full of so many colors and so much shifting and transitions…and just kind of diving in and using all of the experiences that these changing colors….changing seasons bring as inspiration.”

"Lean Into Me" - This tender song conveys the feelings that unconditional friendship or love evokes—true caring that prevails in both good and bad times.  Nina sings the beautiful lyrics of this song with such sincerity and emotion.  The gentle instrumentation of acoustic guitar and violin (with very light electric guitar) creates a beautiful foundation for Nina’s vocals to flow over.  The vocal harmonies in this song are gorgeous!  The bridge of “Lean Into Me” expresses the support that genuine love and commitment offer (Life takes so much strength to carry on, but together we’ll make it better).  The song ends in such a soothing and tender way that you need to listen to it yourself to fully appreciate.
“The song is sort of a lullaby.  The lyrics were written in the evening of just like a reflection of wanting to be there…in being present the way that I am so fortunate to be received by my loved ones.  I want to be there as well, and in return.”

"A Lifetime" - The lyrics of this song convey the concern that whether it be with regards to a relationship, a career, or another of life’s crossroads, there are so many moments in our existence that require discernment and eventual decisions.  Of all of the tracks on “Together Away”, this song has the most layers of instrumentation.  The production techniques of this track make for a breathtaking combination of sounds and vocal layers!  As the lyrics and instrumentation build, a lyric is repeated as almost a mantra, one that most people can relate to (I keep looking for answers, but I know they’re inside me), which at the very end of the song evolves (I keep looking for answers, but I know you’re inside of me).
“You can look for answers in so many places, but really, what happens when we just try to quiet the noise, and center ourselves, and breathe nice and low and still our thoughts… and try to get really in touch with that inner voice, that inner guidance that is trying to make itself heard.  We just have to find it through all the chatter, find it and follow it.  That song is really just like an effort towards doing that.”

"Journey Bound" - Anyone who has ever had to be apart from someone they love will be able to relate to the emotions that this song stirs up.  The lyrics paint the picture of a feeling of restlessness, knowing that after one more night (or time) together, one half of the relationship will be “Journey Bound” (We’re making every minute count, and I don’t want to think about time without you). This song really tugs at the heartstrings because it’s so hard for a person to leave the comfort of a relationship or familiar situation for an adventure through possibly uncharted territory.  Sometimes this break is out of a need of necessity or duty to another cause.  Nina’s passionate vocals drive home the heartache that comes with the separation from a loved one for any length of time.
“I wrote that song on an airplane.  I was just kind of feeling that feeling that I’m sure so many people, if not everybody has felt at some point where it’s like duty calls, and your life path is calling and there are things you need to do that are a part of just what you need to do.   And also…there’s a longing to just stay put in your little cozy zone and not go anywhere!”

"Least Resistance" - This is the second single from “Together Away” and was released in the middle of January, as 2021 started to take shape.  “Least Resistance” begins with a short rhythmic intro with layered instrumentation that sets the stage for the song.  The first line of the song figuratively grabs the listener by the ear and pulls them in (Nothing feels right today).  This line immediately sparks the natural curiosity that is in all of us.   The song goes on to talk about the vulnerability of a relationship, and how pushing forward rather than taking the path of Least Resistance is the choice to be made.
Everything about this song promotes a sense of urgency to move forward in a relationship or with a decision, no matter what the risk.  The production work that blends Nina’s melody and harmony vocals adds some slight echo to her voice and is mesmerizing!  As the song comes to an end, the chorus continues to demonstrate the affection that every strong relationship is built upon-- the foundation of sincere love.  The chording and minimal instrumentation that signifies the end of this song is absolutely beautiful!   
“Least Resistance” is about not just going with the flow and taking whatever part is in your lap, or is coming your way, or whatever opportunity, or whatever person…..taking the reins….creating the life….riding in the direction of your vision, and your dreams, and your needs and your wants.  You’ve got this short life.  That’s what is at stake.  Life is limited.  What do you want to do with it?  So “Least Resistance” is about not just going with the flow, but going in the direction of where your heart is leading you and taking action to be there. 

"Lover’s Lullaby" - This final track is the next single, to be released once the full EP is available, beginning on March 12th.  As with all of the songs on “Together Away” it is a very emotional piece of music and a thoughtful ending to a carefully constructed songbook.  The lyrics explore the concept of a lullaby as not only “good night”, but possibly also a physical goodbye to someone forever. (There’s a song I sing when we are far apart. When I miss you, I can kiss you in my heart.  It can find us all when looking to the stars).  The beautiful vocals and melodies of this song are enhanced by the use of a solo violin and string section accompaniment.  All of the work that was put into the presentation of this song will help it to stand out as the next big hit from “Together Away”.
“I had this painting in my mind that was like two lovers embracing or just, all the different ways that a lullaby is appropriate….that all people need lullaby…and don’t worry, you can close your eyes.  I’ll be there always.  We’ll be connected always……..Knowing that we’re always together and that goodbye is nothing, and no one ever says goodbye ‘cause it’s just “see you later” ….we never parted.  We’re just always eternally connected.”



Nina Herzog, singer/songwriter, voice actor, session singer and entertainer extraordinaire, released her debut EP, “Together Away” on Friday, March 12th, 2021.   During this interview, Nina talks in detail about each of the six songs on the EP. 

For more information about Nina’s amazing career path, please be sure to watch the first interview.

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