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“Least Resistance” is the current single from Nina Herzog’s upcoming EP titled “Together Away” (Release Date:  March 12th).  This is the second single from “Together Away” and was released in the middle of January, as 2021 started to take shape. 

“Least Resistance” begins with a short rhythmic intro with layered instrumentation that sets the stage for the song.  The first line of the song figuratively grabs the listener by the ear and pulls them in (Nothing feels right today).  This line immediately sparks the natural curiosity that is in all of us.   The song goes on to talk about the vulnerability of a relationship, and how pushing forward rather than taking the path of Least Resistance is the choice to be made.

Everything about this song promotes a sense of urgency to move forward in a relationship, no matter what the risk.  As the lyrics describe this need to strengthen the bond rather than getting lost in tears, Nina’s angelic voice and the addictive melody of “Least Resistance” are front and center. The production work that blends Nina’s melody and harmony vocals, adds some slight echo to her voice and is mesmerizing!  

As the song comes to an end, the chorus continues to demonstrate the affection that every strong relationship is built upon-- the foundation of sincere love.  The chording and minimal instrumentation that signifies the end of this song is absolutely beautiful!   From beginning to end, “Least Resistance” is a vocal and melodic work of art that only needs to be heard once before getting hooked on Nina’s fine artistry, and wanting to hear her song again and again.



Nina Herzog is a driving force whose energy and passion for performing has been flowing through her long before she decided to pursue a career in the arts.  From a talent show performance in 1st grade, to an appearance as a solo vocalist with the National Symphony Orchestra at the age of 17, Nina was taking in all of the sights and sounds of the world of entertainment.  In this video interview with Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol from February 19th, 2021, Nina explains how, upon receiving positive reinforcement from the audience after her performance with the National Symphony Orchestra, she was hooked!  During her interview with Kevin, Nina talks about her many experiences in the performing arts.  She discusses her role as the acting and singing voice of Odette in The Swan Princess series from Sony Animation, as well as the significant amount of voice acting work, and countless commercial recordings for Universal, Sony and Broadway shows she has done.  Over the course of this interview, Nina offers so much inspiration and advice to young people who may be thinking about pursuing a career in the arts.
On March 12 of this year, Nina is going to release her debut EP, 
“Together Away”.  The first 2 singles, “Changing Seasons” & “Least Resistance” are available on all of the main streaming platforms.  A music video of “Changing Seasons”, and an in the studio video of “Least Resistance” are available on Nina’s YouTube Channel.

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