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"Water Down The Whiskey" - Paige King Johnson

By Kevin Mikol

Paige King Johnson is a dynamic artist whose star is shining brightly in the world of Country music.  She wrote her current single, “Water Down The Whiskey” with Nashville songwriter Mike Astrachan in early 2019.  It was delivered to Country radio in October of last year, and has continued to be the focus song for Paige throughout 2020.  

“Water Down The Whiskey” is a song about the end of a relationship.  Paige sings that she senses that the relationship in discussion is coming to an end.   Instead of the heartbreak that is often dramatized in a song, she encourages an end to the relationship that is quick, rather than being drawn out.  The person on the receiving end of the breakup tells her soon-to-be former love that “There ain’t no use in watering down the whiskey.”  Metaphorically speaking, she wants to hear it “straight” that their relationship is over so she can move on.

Upon listening to “Water Down The Whiskey” over and over (which you will find yourself doing after you hear it once), one of the main traits that really stands out is Paige’s effortless and flawless vocal delivery.  Her inflection and tone are reminiscent of some of the legendary female voices of classic Country.  The instrumentation is also characteristic of the original style created by the pioneers of the Country music genre.  In the video that was made to coincide with the song, the picture of someone who is skeptical, cynical and ready to be done with a failed relationship is painted perfectly by Paige’s facial expressions and mannerisms.  Together, the combination of the video and the audio recording paint the intended picture of the song with great success!



In this video interview with Dr. Music associate Kevin Mikol from August 27th 2020, Paige King Johnson tells the story of how she first became interested in music, and how she decided to pursue a career as a recording and performing artist. 

During the course of this interview, Paige talks about the process in which she writes songs, and discusses her upcoming single, “Just Like You” which was produced by Bill McDermott, one of the biggest producers in today’s Country music scene.  She also discusses how she has tried to stay positive and productive during our current global health crisis, finding unique and creative ways to promote her music.  Throughout the interview, Paige offers lots of great inspirational advice to people
from her generation who may want to pursue a career in music.

Visit Paige King johnson on her social media outlets by searching "Paige King Johnson," or visit her official website at:

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