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Project 7 - Paradigm Shift


Project 7 – Paradigm Shift

From the opening snap and rumble drums from Tony Gallino, I heard a little bit of Keith Moon (of The Who). The keyboard rhythm took me back to Gregg Giuffria’s work with 70’s rockers Angel. The rabid and erratic guitar drum sequence made me think of a whale of a song by Led Zeppelin. The quiet, precise guitar parts near the end of “The Core,” the opening track of this record, gave me visions of Steve Howe doing his thing with Yes. I think it’s funny that the name of this first track is “The Core” because I really feel that it is the core of what Project 7 is all about.

This is essentially a duo made up of bassist/guitarist Dan Begelman and drummer/keyboardist Tony Gallino (with some extra help on bass from John DeCesare). Besides assuming the roles of producer and arranger, Gallino recorded and mixed the disc, while Begelman wrote all of the songs (with the exception of “Theme From An Imaginary Western”). The duo explores so many facets of the rock instrumental here that it’s hard not to find something to like. With “Enchanted” they take on a slow jazzy feel with a gentle guitar part that offers a Jeff Beck-like poise. With “Kronos” they jump right into a bass heavy, steamrolling rhythm that finds Begelman making some beautiful noise. Then that changes into “Redemption,” which finds Gallino adding some percussion that’s tribal in nature to a slow burning track that aims to create mood. Project 7 knocks one clean out of the park with Paradigm Shift, as they cover all the bases of instrumental rock.


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