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The Loneliness In Me - Rachel Brooke

By Kevin Mikol

“The Loneliness In Me” is the first solo album from singer/songwriter Rachel Brooke in 8 years.  Its release date of October 23rd is a much anticipated moment for Rachel’s loyal and ever growing fan base.  Although Rachel has performed music within other genres in both her solo work and collaborations with other artists, this album is a collection of songs that were crafted in the style of traditional country music.  The new album contains 12 songs, several of which were co-written with Rachel’s husband, Brooks Robbins.  Besides Rachel and Brooks, there are 12 additional musicians whose talent is also captured on this project, either by playing an instrument or contributing backing vocals.  The instrumentation on this album is absolutely stunning, and is everything you would want to hear from an album deeply rooted in the foundations of classic Country music. 
In breaking down “The Loneliness In Me”  there are so many great musical moments to mention.  The album kicks off with a beautiful song titled “It Ain’t Over ‘Til You’re Crying.” Rachel’s vocal styling on this and all of the album’s tracks is reminiscent of the many legendary female voices of classic Country, while at the same time being true to her own style.  The chord structure of this composition was crafted in such a way that adds to the mystique and beauty of this song.  There is no doubt that it is my favorite song on the album.  The guitar work on the song “The Great Mistake” creates a kind of question and answer duet, based on the interaction between instrument and voice.  The lyrics of another great song, “The Hard Way” seem to illustrate a longing for someone who in looking back was not a good fit.  One of the song’s lyrics in specific, “I was one too many in your spotlight for two,” supports this theory.  
The title track is another standout song on the album.  Besides the upbeat framework of the music itself, the lyrics of this song are especially thought provoking.  Rachel’s ability to add humor, both here and in so many of her songs, is one of the many tools she employs that makes her songwriting so enjoyable.  This song features one of my favorite lyrics, “The big boss called saying ‘Where have you been?’  I said I overslept, my tire’s flat, and poor uncle died again.”  Rachel released a video for this song just this week.  Her creative visual portrayal of the song makes me love it even more.

Although every song on “The Loneliness In Me” is very pleasing to the ear, I find myself spending a little extra time with a few additional tracks.  I love the melodies and vocals that flow from “Ghost Of You.”  The song “Undecided Love” is written from the perspective of one of the two lovers that the song’s subject is conflicted about.  Lastly, “I Miss It Like It’s Gone” is a song that is placed perfectly as the final track on the album.  It gives the listener just enough lyrics to reflect upon the seasons of their own life through Rachel’s thoughts.  From beginning to end, Rachel has created an album that will bring much joy and endless thoughtful insights to everyone who spends time with it. 

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Photo by Jess Varta

Back In The Saddle:
The Rachel Brooke Interview

Rachel Brooke is a singer/songwriter from Northern Michigan who has been releasing music since 2008.  Most of her music fits within the genre of classic Country.  She is about to release a solo album, “The Loneliness In Me,” on October 23rd.  This is her third solo album, and her first in eight years.  During this break between solo efforts, she has collaborated on several additional projects, including her work with recording artists Lonesome Wyatt and Modern Mal.  Rachel has worked tirelessly to promote her music to her loyal fans.  She has found several creative ways to keep people excited about her music, during a time in which our current health crisis prevents artists from taking to the road to play live.
In this video interview with Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol from September 21st, 2020, Rachel talks about how she first became interested in music, and how she has found a way to make it her career.  Through the course of their conversation, Rachel talks about the many hats she wears as an independent recording artist.  She also discusses her musical influences as well as musicians that she would like to collaborate with if the opportunities ever present themselves.  Viewers will also be treated to great insight about her upcoming album, “The Loneliness In Me”.  

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