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Reb Beach – A View From The Inside

Most of you know Reb Beach as the guitar player for Winger or Whitesnake, two bands that have had long histories and have been vehicles for this extraordinary guitarist to exhibit his songwriting talent as well as his guitar chops. If you were to look further into Beach’s career you would come to find that he was also a member of Alice Cooper’s band, spent a couple years in Dokken, did a stint with Night Ranger, and has done sessions with the likes of Chaka Khan, Howard Jones, and The Bee Gees. With that list, I only start to scratch the surface of Beach’s accomplishments.

Even with all of those sessions from so many different genres of music, many think of Reb Beach as simply a shredder or a hard rock player. The songs on A View From The Inside really show off his arsenal of playing skills, but perhaps more importantly, the record shows off his ability to write brilliant songs that showcase a host of different styles.

Fans of guitar instrumentalists like Joe Satriani and Steve Morse should relish what they hear here. Much of this record has a Satriani vibe, including a rhythm section that just maximizes their time on each and every track. David Throckmorton is dazzling on drums, and the bass parts by Phillip Bynoe, John Hall, and Beach himself are just tremendous. This record shows some gritty elements of funk (“Little Robots”), 70’s R&B/Soul (“Hawkdance”), and refreshing splashes of jazz (“The Way Home”), which are perfectly accented with the bass and drum tandems that are assigned to them. I must also give a tip of the cap to the keyboard pieces that give these songs some great spark as well. The unmistakable sound of the Hammond B3 on “Little Robots” and the spaceage synth and ragtime soloing on “Hawkdance” are additions that make instrumental records of this kind a cut above the rest.

Lyrical (adj.) - expressing the writer's emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way.

Beach released a solo record called Masquerade back in 2002 in which he sang on each track. The record was definitely a solid, commercially accessible effort, with Beach’s vocal ability surprisingly strong. But, as I listen to this View From The Inside record, I find it to be even more “lyrical.” I feel like a male, pale, and ugly Ella Fitzgerald when I listen to this record now, doing my best scat vocal to these guitar parts. I think we forget that a lyrical piece of music is not always defined by words or spoken language. These compositions make that fact abundantly clear. Partner all of these lyrical guitar parts with the Irish jig intro to “Aurora Borealis” and my musical cup runneth over. (Don’t look for my Michael Flatley impression anytime soon, though.)

I really feel like I’m going on an adventure when I drop the needle on this one. These songs are so very rich and passionate in their delivery. I hear so many instrumental records that are just displays of prowess, and exercises in self-indulgence. This is NOT that record. Although Beach will unleash the beastly monster that is his guitar throughout the record, he somehow manages to maintain patience, poise, and structure with respect to each individual song.

These songs speak.
These songs groove and flow.
Reb Beach has crafted ten essays of musical brilliance that every music fan should hear.



From The Inside Looking Out: 
The Reb Beach Interview

In this in-depth interview, Reb Beach talks about his history with Winger and Whitesnake as well as his latest solo effort on Frontiers Records, A View From The Inside. Reb also takes us through his entire career, discussing specific songs and solos and what inspired them.

***What's your favorite song to play in the Whitesnake set?

***Hear him fill in the blank to this: "I wouldn't be the guitar player I am today if it weren't for______."

***What is the best solo you've ever recorded?

Hear the answers to these questions and find out when we might get new music from Black Swan, Winger, and Whitesnake. 
This is a "no stone unturned" type of interview! Click the play button below and don't miss it!!  

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