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A Baby Turns A Page And Sails With Styx:
The Ricky Phillips Interview 

Former member of The Babys, Ricky Phillips, has played with everyone from Ronnie Montrose to Jimmy Page, but now the bassist is firmly planted within the Styx camp, and he plans to rock until he drops.

In the following interview with Ricky Phillips, you will hear him discuss his time in The Babys and his relationship with the band's frontman John Waite. You'll hear him talk about working with Ronnie Montrose on the guitarist's posthumous album, 10x10. And, you'll hear him discuss his bandmates in Styx, how he got the gig, and what's in store for the band as they continue with a gigantic tour sharing the stage with Tesla and Joan Jett. 

Clicking the play button on the media player below will put you in the room with Ricky Phillips and myself for almost one hour. Ricky was kind enough to give us extra time for this interview, and I think all of us as fans can scream a great big, appreciative "Thank you" for that! You can feel free to jump to a specific section of the interview by moving the slider to one of the time markers listed below, but I would suggest getting a nice cold beverage and a comfy chair and having Ricky take you through his storied career!


00:00 - 08:34        Ricky talks about getting the call to join Styx and discusses the current state of the band and its legacy.

08:35 - 15:28        Ricky discusses the addition of “Mr. Roboto” to the current setlist.

15:29 - 22:24        What’s your favorite song to play, what song would you drop from the setlist, and what song would you add?

22:25 - 29:32        Going back to your time in The Babys…. I’ve heard John Waite is difficult to work with. How was your relationship with John, and would you ever consider working with him again?

(Ricky goes in depth about his time as a member of The Babys)

   "The last thing Ronnie told me        before he died is that he really               wanted to finish 10x10"

29:33 - 42:55        With Styx on tour throughout the year, do you ever feel like you’re not exploring the songwriting part of your skill set?

(Ricky discusses the Montrose album, 10x10.)

42:56 - 49:42        Ricky discusses his first meeting Fergie Frederiksen and how he almost became a member of Angel.

49:43 - 53:10        What is the greatest moment in your career? 

53:11 - 55:27        Do you prefer the big arenas like you’re seeing now on this Tesla/Joan Jett/Styx tour, or do you prefer the small theaters?

55:28 - END          How does hanging up the bass and hitting the golf course every morning sound?

"We want to rock 'til we drop."

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