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ROB FETTERS - "Turn This Ship Around"

“Turn This Ship Around” is the current single from Rob Fetters’ new album “Ship Shake”.  The lyrics of this lead off track on “Ship Shake” can mean many things to many people (watch my “Ship Shake” interview with Rob to find out his original reason for writing it), but in giving it a listen at this moment in time, it really plays out as an anthem for the current landscape of our country and our world.  It’s a song whose message inspires optimism, and can get opposing sides of any issue talking again.  

“Turn This Ship Around” opens with a bluesy guitar riff that leads right into Rob’s melody, and his lyrics, which announce a revelation (“I opened my eyes. The truth came down:  I can’t stand still while the earth spins around”).   These first lines set the theme for the whole song—to not allow fear and destructive thoughts to send life in the wrong direction.    The chorus fulfills its intended goal of presenting a hook that puts the brain in repeat mode.  After the chorus bounces from one side of the brain the other, the bridge cuts straight to the point (“but you already know--we die if we don’t grow”).  It is also important to mention that solo artist and past band mate for Rob and many others, Adrian Belew (The Bears, King Crimson, David Bowie) jumps on board from the bridge until the end of the song with his unmistakable harmony vocals.

Just like a captivating movie, a good song builds to a maximum energy ending.  As the song approaches the finish line, Rob takes his vocal energy and his lyrics to another level, with an inspiring and, at the same time, thought provoking analogy (“I’m gonna rise up early, get down to work, and put the boat in the water, wash off the dirt”).  After being refreshed by these words and a couple of additional analogies, the song ends with the same lines that it began with.  These lines are more poignant after taking a musical journey through the waters of life…..”I opened my eyes. “The truth came down:  I can’t stand still while the earth spins around.” 

The video for “Turn This Ship Around” was produced by Bob Mills, who is known in the film industry for his high profile commercials and music and corporate videos.   



At the beginning of 2021, Dr. Music Associate Kevin Mikol had the opportunity to speak with Rob Fetters (The Raisins/The Bears/psychodots) on 2 separate occasions. During these video interviews, Rob and Kevin talked at length about so many topics that we decided to break the interviews into 5 segments—Ship Shake (new album) and Music Industry Talk, House Concerts & Livestreams , Making A Band, Guitars & Songwriting.  

Rob released his newest album “Ship Shake” on November 4th of last year.

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